Bro, if I die... if I die... tell Riley I love her.

James, to West

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"Lost at Sea" is the 24th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 88th episode overall. It aired on October 30, 2015.


Kate and Giselle arrive to register for Internationals, but James has still not signed his form. Unfortunately, James is stuck in the middle of the alligator-filled Everglades with West and Eldon.


It is the day of registration for the Americas and Kate and Giselle are excited to register The Next Step Dance Studio. The two approach one of the Absolute Dance Internationals employees to register and are confused when she claims that The Next Step is not listed.

Eldon james season 3 las

Eldon asks James where West is.

James and Eldon are waiting for West and the tour guide so that they can go on their tour of the Everglades, but they are both late. West finally arrives, carrying an alligator. James shies away from the creature, but Eldon happily pets it. The tour guide and boat captain, Jesse, arrives and the three follow him to the air boat.

Phoebe sits at the desk in Kate's office, singing, when she receives a call from Kate who relays the predicament to Phoebe. Phoebe subsequently admits that she forgot to cleanse the team and the studio, which is probably why the problem has surfaced. Meanwhile, Giselle asks the employee to check underneath the table where, surely enough, there is a clipboard with The Next Step's name on it. Although, the employee dubs it as an incomplete list since the studio only has 11 signatures. Giselle sees that the missing signature is James's and is told that if his signature is given by the end of the day, the problem will be solved. Giselle tells Kate, who orders Phoebe to scan an extra copy of the form located in the filing cabinet that has James's signature on it and send it to her.

James, West, Eldon, and Jesse have commenced their tour. Jesse stops the boat to direct the boys' attention to Coco Plum Island. The three find the name laughable until Jesse explains that the island is named after the only girl who survived the Night of the Horror of the Alligators on it; a twelfth grade prom group was lost in the Everglades and resorted to staying on the island where alligators picked them off one by one with Coco Plum being the only survivor.

Kate receives the scanned copy of the form, but the employee doesn't accept it, needing an original. Kate tries to keep her cool, as she thinks it will be easy to get James's signature. Meanwhile, James is still cruising through the Everglades with the others, until the boat malfunctions and stops moving. Jesse goes to check the boat out and, seeing that there is a problem, decides that he will go to an island two hours away to get tools. The boys are asked to sit tight, much to their chagrin. Jesse walks off into the distance and seemingly disappears in the blink of an eye.

Richelle skylar season 3 las

Richelle and Skylar listen to Phoebe's pitch about the duet.

Phoebe calls Skylar and Richelle into the office, tells them about the predicament with registration. Meanwhile, Kate and Giselle pace the venue, trying to figure out how to contact James, as he is not answering his texts. Giselle fears that the team will be disqualified.

James, West, and Eldon have been stranded in the Everglades for over an hour. Eldon expresses his need to pee and James suggests that he pee in the water, angering Eldon, as the Everglades is a natural reserve protected by the U.S. Government. West expresses his belief that Jesse has left them as a sacrifice to the alligator gods which Eldon agrees with and James finds nonsensical. West claims that the boat isn't even broken and makes his way to the engine. After some fiddling with it, the engine spurs back to life. He turns around the boat and the three begin to sail back to the shore.

Giselle to calls Riley who tells Giselle of James' whereabouts. Giselle confesses that she isn't scared that James has gotten eaten by an alligator, but rather, fears for his life when he sees her.

The boys are urgently sailing on the waters when the boat halts again, only furthering West's assurance that the alligator god is out to get them. Eldon realizes that he has his lucky coin and vows to create an offering with it, but in the process, drops the coin into the water. Eldon immediately begins panicking. West pulls James aside and tells him his plan: he has a similar pound, so James will jump into the water and pretend to retrieve Eldon's coin. James complies after some coercing.

Richelle skylar season 3 las 2

Richelle and Skylar compete their duet.

Skylar and Richelle perform their duet, which Phoebe claims has eradicated the negativity from the studio. James, now wearing protective gear, prepares to jump into the water. He tells West that if he dies, to tell Riley that he loves her. West begins counting down, and James begins screaming, claiming that he doesn't want to. Finally, though, James does it and is surprised at how shallow the water is. James goes along with the plan, and gives Eldon his alleged lucky coin. Eldon falls for the hoax and is newly relieved. After James goes back onto the boat, Jesse resurfaces with his tool box. All of a sudden, Eldon's phone begins working and he sees that he has texts from Michelle, Kate, Riley, and Thalia which he reads aloud, stating that if James does not register by 6:00, the team will be disqualified from Internationals.

The registration desk is about to close, so Giselle and Kate have resorted to stealing the employee's things. Although, she catches on, takes back her briefcase, and tells them that registration has officially ended. The two are deeply disheartened and realize that the team will have to return home. Just then, the boys dash in and James signs the form just in time. Kate, having received the itinerary, tells Eldon that the male solo round is first. Eldon tells her that with his lucky coin, he is ready. But, after fishing it out of his pocket, he realizes that it is not the right coin.




  • In "Cry Me a River," West professes that crocodiles and alligators co-exist in the Everglades, although, only alligators are in the water when the Everglades are seen.
  • Eldon receives a text from Thalia and announces this without any chastising from James, despite this being against their agreement.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Zedd.






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