So I guess it's a three-and-a-half-juice date.

Eldon, to Emily

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"Love Story" is the 7th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 7th episode overall. It first aired on April 19, 2013.


Emily agrees to go on a date with Eldon to heal his broken spirit.


Daniel emily west riley season 1 ls

Riley accuses Emily of being threatened by Michelle.

As the dancers who went to spy on Elite return to Studio A, Riley asks Emily where Michelle is. Emily reveals that she got caught by Elite and they therefore left her behind, angering Riley who confronts Emily in front of the rest of the team. She accuses Emily of being threatened by Michelle and Emily storms off with the other E-Girls. James tries to comfort Riley by placing a hand on her shoulder, but she shrugs him off.

At Elite, Amanda asks Michelle why she is there. Michelle confesses that she is in trouble, as she doesn't know how to respond.

Michelle is asked again by Lucien why she is there, to which Michelle lies that she wants to audition. Amanda tells her to show them what she has got and Michelle performs a faux-audition that incorporates her best tricks so that they can see that she is worthy of being in their troupe. Lucien tells her that they could use someone like her on their team.

Kate talking to atroupe

Kate speaks to the troupe about duets.

Kate and Chris tell A-Troupe to pair up because they will be doing duets, although Chris notices that Michelle isn't present, and asks if anyone knows of her whereabouts. On Emily's cue, the dancers remain quiet. Kate resumes talking about duets and thinks it will be a good idea as the team has been divided. Eldon asks Emily if she wants to be his duet partner and Emily refuses. He then proceeds to ask her if she wants to go out with him and she turns him down once more. James approaches Riley, telling her that he came up with some ideas for their duet, although he never asked to be her partner. James confesses that she seems to be the only girl his "moves" don't work on and that she has some sort of kryptonite that he digs, then proceeds to call her "babe." Daniel and Tiffany agree to be partners. Stephanie orders West to be her partner but doesn't address him by his name because E-Girl rule #71 is: never address somebody by their name unless they have said yours first. Michelle returns to the studio and tells everyone what happened. She is almost immediately called into Kate's office. Thankfully, Kate merely thinks that Michelle is transferring as opposed to the grand scheme of things, much to Michelle's relief; Michelle assures Kate that she is not. As Michelle leaves the office, Emily criticizes Chloe's clothing in accordance to E-Girl rule #9: always wear appropriate clothing. Hearing this, Kate calls Emily into her office. Meanwhile, Michelle asks Eldon to be her duet partner and he agrees. Kate asks Emily to be nicer to Michelle because she is about to leave the studio (although untrue), leaving Emily and Stephanie thrilled. Overhearing their plan to push Michelle out of the studio, Riley realizes that something needs to be done.

James riley season 1 episode 7

Riley tells James about what she heard.

Eldon and James are teaching a Baby Ballet class (although James is really studying) when Riley enters. She tells James what she overhead and also tells him that Emily needs to be dethroned as dance captain. After brainstorming a list of dancers who could take Emily's spot, they eventually agree that Michelle should overthrow her. Upon the decision, Riley departs, leaving James to his math.

At the end of the Baby Ballet class, Eldon ask James for "lady advice" on Emily. James tries to figure out what gets Emily's attention and recollects the amount of attention he gets when he struggles in ballet class. Upon this realization, James advises Eldon to dance badly in order to get her attention.

Emily james season 1 ls

Emily asks James what is wrong with Eldon.

Eldon enters Studio A very melancholic when he approaches Michelle to rehearse, a part of his plan to get Emily to notice him. Emily asks James what is wrong with him and James tells her she has broken his heart too many times and tells her that the only cure is for her to go out with him. Begrudgingly, Emily pulls Eldon aside. With Eldon away from Michelle, Riley tells her that she needs to talk to her in Studio B later. Although confused, Michelle agrees. Meanwhile, Emily asks Eldon to go with her to Squeezed that night so that he will stop moping. Eldon agrees and comments that he's really happy because it has been years and years that he has asked her out and it is finally happening.

On their date, Eldon ushers Emily into Squeezed with both hands, making Emily believe that he read a book about dating from the 40s. After they take both a seat, Eldon struggles with sitting still. While Emily believes the date to be going badly, Eldon thinks that it is going well. Eldon struggles to ask Emily if she wants a drink and only gets up to buy it when Emily tells him to. Emily regrets going out with him, although she acknowledges that it was her duty as dance captain.

Michelle season 1 ls

Michelle refuses to dethrone Emily.

James and Riley are waiting for Michelle in Studio B. When she enters, Riley tells Michelle that Emily and Stephanie are planning to kick her out, offending and outraging her. James and Riley do on to tell her that they want to replace Emily with her as Dance Captain, although Michelle refuses for fear of what Emily will do to her and leaves.

Emily and Eldon walk in Studio A after their date. In an attempt to be funny, Eldon comments about the amount of juice each of them had, although it only proves to weird out Emily. Eldon asks Emily if she wants to go out the following day or Saturday, both to which Emily says "no." Frustrated, Eldon asks her why she doesn't want to go out with him. She tells him that he tries too hard. At this, Eldon dances for her and despite herself, Emily enjoys it. Emily still says that she will not go out with him, but says that she will be his duet partner.


  • E-Girl rule #71 is: never call someone by their first name unless they've said yours first.
  • E-Girl rule #9 is: always wear appropriate clothing (for dance).

Production errors

  • A series of characters' outfits spontaneously shift in this episode in scenes mere seconds apart. These outfits alternate more than one.
    • James' outfit changes between a green t-shirt and a grey undershirt.
    • Riley's outfit changes between a light green tank top and striped shorts and a blue tank top and solid shorts.
    • West's outfit changes between an orange t-shirt and black shorts and a yellow t-shirt and brown shorts.
    • Tiffany's outfit changes between a pink tank top and a yellow tank top.
    • Emily's outfit changes between a red tank top and a white t-shirt.
    • Eldon's outfit changes between a mint green tank top and a light blue t-shirt.
    • Stephanie's outfit changes between a white t-shirt and a white tank top.
  • Just second after Stephanie leaves after speaking to West, she is seen speaking to West.
  • Moments before approaching Riley about their duet, James is already seen speaking to her in the background.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song by Taylor Swift with the same name.





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