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"Love Will Tear Us Apart" is the 16th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 110th episode overall. It aired on May 27, 2016.


"Michelle and Riley have a lunch date and take a walk down memory lane. Noah, afraid of losing his spot on A-Troupe, continues to hide his back troubles."[1]


Riley enters the rose room where Alfie is, having been asked by him to meet him there. She finds Alfie standing on the stage before a microphone, with a guitar in hand. Once Riley takes a seat upon his request, Alfie begins singing a love song to her. When the song concludes, Riley compliments him. Then, Alfie hops off the stage and kisses Riley. At once, Riley awakes in her office, having fallen asleep at her desk, meaning that the previous events were all a dream. Riley confesses that she is in big, big trouble.

Riley noah season 4 lwtua

Riley reprimands Noah.

In Studio A, Riley leads a rehearsal for the quintet representing the studio at the second qualifier in an attempt to get her mind off of the dream that she just had. Riley provides the dancers with advice once they finish, claiming that the spacing will be fixed once Noah arrives. As if on cue, Noah rushes into the studio, apologizing for his tardiness. Riley, fed up with Noah's unprofessional behaviour, calls him into her office. Noah confesses that he skipped practise on purpose so that he could rest his back. Once in the office, Riley demands a reason for Noah's lateness and, as per usual, Noah lies. Wanting no more of Noah's excuses, Riley tells Noah that he must prove that she didn't make a mistake in choosing him to compete at the next qualifier, in ten minutes, in Studio A.

LaTroy enters Java Junction to talk to Sloane to ensure that their friendship remains intact. As soon as LaTroy approaches her, Sloane walks away. She stops once LaTroy confronts her, but responds to him bitterly. LaTroy begs Sloane to sit down so that they can talk, to which Sloane begrudgingly agrees. Once both are seated, Sloane tells LaTroy that if he wants to date Amy, they don't have to talk about it. LaTroy tells her that they have to talk about it eventually, but Sloane claims that she knows how the conversation will go: LaTroy's going to tell her that he only likes her as a friend, that they've been best friends their whole lives, and that dating would only ruin things; they'll stop hanging out, drift apart, and be like strangers. She leaves, but not before stopping in the doorway to grant LaTroy one last look.

Riley michelle season 4 lwtua

Riley asks Michelle out to lunch.

In Studio A, Riley tells Noah to push his limits, especially with his acro. Noah performs a solo, and although his back is hurting, he confesses that he can't show any sign of weakness. Michelle enters the studio and watches him dance, confessing that if Noah dances like he is now at the qualifier, they are golden. Without showing noticeable signs of pain, Noah finishes his solo and is met with applause from both Riley and Michelle. Noah confesses that he needs to rest his back so that he can redeem himself at the qualifier. Riley pulls Michelle into her office where she asks Michelle out for lunch, confessed to be so that she can talk about her developing romantic feelings for Alfie, to which Michelle agrees. Riley tells Michelle that they cannot talk about work and Michelle adds that they cannot talk about dance or boys either, causing Riley to realize that talking about her crush on Alfie is off the table.

Riley and Michelle are on their lunch date in Java Junction. Riley suggests that she asks Michelle ten questions which she has to answer as quickly and honestly as possible,without talking about the forbidden topics. Riley asks Michelle what she would change about herself if possible. Michelle begins to talk about wanting to improve her acro, but Riley stops her since talking about dance is not allowed. Realizing that the game is harder than she thought, Michelle hesitantly reveals that she wants to be fluent in Italian so that she can speak to her Nonna. Riley begins asking more questions, knowing that catching up with Michelle is what she needs.

Sloane cassie season 4 lwtua

Cassie proclaims that it's like she has ringside seats to Sloane and Amy's catastrophe.

Sloane stretches in the Rehearsal Room, just as the other members of the Zero Percent Club enter. Amy confesses that LaTroy recounted to her what happened with him and Sloane. Her fellow members reveal that they are willing to talk about the problem together and all four girls sit down. Cassie deems the current drama as exciting and makes quips about the situation, irritating her peers. Wishing to be helpful, Cassie eventually asks Sloane why she is so concerned about LaTroy dating Amy since he has dated girls before. Sloane replies that he actually cares about Amy while he didn't care as much about his past girlfriends. Sloane tells Amy that she isn't necessarily mad at her, but just doesn't know what to do with her feelings. Piper suggests that when LaTroy and Amy are around Sloane that they can act more casual, causing Cassie to say that they cannot kiss, which irritates the other girls once more. Piper realizes that talking isn't helping and suggests dancing instead.

Upon Riley claiming that she wishes she could go back to when she was a dancer and things weren't so complicated, Michelle asks Riley if she wants to take a walk down memory lane with her, to which Riley agrees. Michelle confesses that she and Riley have been through a lot together and that looking back will help them connect.

Piper, Cassie, Amy and Sloane perform a routine. The four are having a great time while dancing, but Sloane confesses that, once the music ends, all of her negative thoughts about Amy resurface.

Michelle riley season 4 lwtua 2

Michelle and Riley hug.

Michelle and Riley enter Studio A. Upon entering, they point out how the chickens on the wall gradually becoming scarier. Riley then asks Michelle if she remember the auditions for A-Troupe and mocks the way Michelle entered the studio on that day as well as the hair whip that she performed during her audition. The two then reminisce about Regionals, causing Riley to confess that the previous Regionals was her first big dance competition and, now, she is leading the team to the next Regionals. Riley references the Romeo and Juliet dance that was performed in the finals, and attempts to lift Michelle like Eldon did during the routine. Michelle then admits that she was in love with Eldon, causing Riley to confess that love can cloud one's better judgement. Finally, they reference their favourite dance, "Addicted 2 U", which they reprise. As they dance, Alfie is passing by and stops to watch. Alfie confesses that he needs to tell Riley something that he has been wanting to tell her for a long time and soon after leaves with a smile on his face. Riley and Michelle finish the dance and hug, confessing that they will always friends and, better yet, sisters. Meanwhile, Sloane approaches Amy in the Lounge and tells her that even though nothing has been resolved, it is nice to know that she wanted to help her. Amy asks Sloane if they are okay and while Sloane admits that they aren't ,she tells Amy that she loves her nonetheless, and the two hug. Alfie approaches Riley in her office to speak to her. Alfie tells Riley that he thinks she is amazing, that he has never met anyone like her, and that he wants to be around her more as time progresses. Riley reminds Alfie that she has a boyfriend and that she is studio head, both facts that Alfie acknowledges. Undeterred, Alfie asks Riley if he feels the same way about him. Begrudgingly, Riley admits she likes him as more than a friend, but tells him that they should remain friends because she loves James. Alfie concurs and awkwardly leaves. Riley confesses that she thought that when she told Alfie that she merely wanted to be friends, it would be the end of it, but that it doesn't feel like the end.




  • Riley claims that the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals was her first "big" dance competition with The Next Step Dance Studio; however, in "Get the Party Started", she is stated to be a returning member of A-Troupe, and as The Next Step is confirmed to have attended the 16th Annual Regionals, Riley should have been one of at least ten dancers on the Regionals team, meaning the 17th Annual Regionals would have been at least her second "big" competition.
    • However, since Regionals seems to always take place early in the year, it is possible that Riley joined A-Troupe after they had already competed at Regionals - even though Giselle implies in "Brand New" that mid-year auditions for A-Troupe are usually a rare occurrence, Riley could plausibly have replaced a dancer who left after Regionals.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Joy Division.





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