West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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I'm in big, big trouble.


Riley: Why were you late, Noah?!
Noah: I was just-I had some things I had to go do and—
Riley: No! I don't want your excuses. You messed up at the qualifier and I give you a big chance by putting you in the second one, and I need to know if you can handle it. Did I make a mistake?
Noah: No, you didn't. I promise.
Riley: Your promises mean nothing to me. You're going to have to prove it.

LaTroy: What, you're just going to run away from me for the rest of your life?
Sloane: I can try.

I already know how the conversation's gonna go. You're going to tell me that you only like me as a friend, that we've been best friends our whole lives, and that dating will only ruin things. We're gonna stop hanging out, we'll drift apart, and we won't even be best friends anymore, we'll be like strangers. I'd rather not go there.

Sloane , to LaTroy

Plus, I'm super worried 'cause I think I might be starting to have feelings for Alfie and I really need to talk about it with someone.


I think it's kinda exciting. All this drama and I'm not even a part of it. It's like I have ringside seats to you and Amy's catastrophe.


Who do we blame? I blame love.

Cassie, to the Zero Percent Club

Sloane: He never really cared about the other girls. But, the way he looks at you? It's different. You matter.
Amy: Really?
Sloane: Ugh, shut up.

Piper: Maybe when LaTroy and Amy are with you, they can act more casual?
Cassie: No kissing or anything.

It feels great while we're dancing, but the second the music stops, I look over at Amy and everything comes rushing back.


That Regionals was my first big competition as a dancer. And now I'm leading the studio to the next Regionals. That's insane.


Michelle: I was in love with Eldon.
Riley: Huh, back when you were stupid.

That's the thing about love. It can cloud your better judgment.


"Addicted 2 U" was the first time I really felt like I got to contribute to the team. It was the first time that this place really felt like home.


There's something I've been wanting to tell Riley for a very, very long time. And watching her dance made me realize that I can't wait any longer.


We're more than friends. Thanks to The Next Step, Michelle and I are sisters.


Even though nothing was solved today, it was good to know that you guys recognize when I'm down and wanted to help me feel better.

Sloane , to Amy

Amy: Are we okay?
Sloane: No. But, I love you.

I think you're amazing, and I've never met anyone like you and I find that more and more lately I want to be around you.

Alfie, to Riley

Alfie: I just wanna know if there's any possible way that you might feel the same way about me.
Riley: I like you.
Alfie: As a friend?
Riley: As... more than a friend.
Alfie: So, uh, what happens now?
Riley: Nothing. I love James.
Alfie: Yeah.
Riley: Which is why I think we should just stay friends.

I thought telling Alfie that we could only be friends would be the end of this, but, this does not feel like the end. At all.