West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 1

Count them chickens.

— "Fancy Footwork"

Season 2

Excellent napkin use, ladies!

— "I Don't Know"

Season 3

Schemey?! That's not even a word!

— to Tess and Shantel, "Game, Set, and Match"

I have evil for lunch.

— to Phoebe and Kate, "Game, Set, and Match"

Fine. I'm gonna go check out my judge's table.

— to Kate, "How It Ends"

You know what's better than this? Nothing.

Lucien, "How It Ends"

Zero. Zero. You've already done that, it's not impressive anymore.

— into the microphone, "How It Ends"

What? [...] It's-it's fake! That video is fake!

— to the Internationals delegate, "How It Ends"

There's been a mistake! There's been a mistake, guys! Kate, you... you...

— "How It Ends"