This article is about the dancer from Stockholm Dance Theatre who acts as Kyle's partner in the duet round of Internationals. You may be looking for the internationals female soloist from Stockholm Dance Theatre. You can find the disambiguation page here.
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Madie[Note 1] is a Swedish dancer who attends Stockholm Dance Theatre.


Before the show

Madie joined and attended Stockholm Dance Theatre. She has presumably been to Absolute Dance Regionals, Absolute Dance Nationals, and Absolute Dance Internationals numerous times.

Season 3

At the 17th annual Absolute Dance Internationals competition, Madie performs in her team's blindfolded dance, to "Something Like a Fire," defeating the team from Switzerland.[1] When her team ties with The Next Step Dance Studio, she performs the tie-breaking duet with Kyle, but loses for the first time in years.[2]


Madie doesn't speak during her appearance on the show, so nothing can be known of her personality.

Physical appearance

Madie is small, thin, light-skinned, and blonde. 


Season 3


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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  1. Although unofficial, it can be assumed that this character's name is Madie, as that is the name of their credited actress; season 3 characters, for the most part, share the name of their actor/actress.


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