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Majestic is an authentic Cuban restaurant in Miami, Florida.


Ella decides to treat Riley to lunch at Majestic. Although, Ella realizes that she forgot her wallet after the two finish their meal. To make it worse, Ella later calls Riley and reveals that she will be unable to return. Riley, in the hopes that Ella will return, continues ordering more food. Her waiter and the restaurant's manager alike get suspicious, and upon questioning, Riley reveals the truth to the manager. On the manager's order, Riley must work off her bill as a waitress, or else, be arrested.[1]

Riley is a horrible waitress, and makes the customers extremely unhappy. After numerous texts, James and Eldon come to her rescue, and Riley fills them in on what happened. To her disbelief, the two get a table and begin to order food. When the two refuse to give her tips, Riley resorts to slapping them until they finally give her their money. Seeing this, two other customers give her their money out of fear.[1]


Majestic is a brightly lit restaurant with a colour scheme of orange and red and mostly illuminated by natural light. Synthetic plants act as much of the store's decor. Considering that the restaurant sells Cuban food, the menu is entirely in Spanish.


  • Manny (chef)
  • Riley (former, waitress)
  • Andy (chef)
  • Unnamed manager - the manager of the restaurant is the one who confronts Riley about her situation.
  • Unnamed waiter - this waiter serves Riley during her time at the restaurant. It is he who initially grows suspicious as she continues to order food, and notifies the manager.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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