Put anything you want on it, and I will do it.

James to Riley

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"Make a Plan to Love Me" is the 18th episode of Season 2 of The Next Step, and the 48th overall. It aired on September 12, 2014.


To win Riley back, James suggests she create a list of tasks to complete to prove his dedication.


Smile at the end of the world

A-troupe dances.

A-Troupe is dancing in Studio A to "Smile at the End of the World" and reflecting upon what has happened recently: Michelle and Daniel leaving the studio, Riley and James breaking up, Amanda being a double-agent (a fact known only by Riley and Emily), and Emily pretending to be mean to get on Amanda's side and stop her plan (once more, only known by Riley and Emily).

As a direct continuation of the previous episode, Emily is sitting in the Music Room, toying with the piano, when Amanda walks in. Emily tells Amanda that she knows all about her plan to take down The Next Step, and that the only way she will keep her secret is if Amanda lets her join in (although this is merely apart of her plan to expose Amanda to the rest of the studio). Amanda says in Talking Heads that she's unsure about letting her in, but has to think fast as she doesn't want to be exposed.

The members of A-Troupe are practicing for Nationals, although it is not going well. Emily arrives late and some members speak of how they've lost respect for her and that she has reverted back to her old self, unknowing of the plan. Later, James sits beside Riley. They talk and James comes up with a plan to prove that he does love her: create a list of things she wants him to do, and he will do all of them. First on the list is to break up with Beth.

Michelle is at school, hanging out with some friends. Her phone begins ringing, but after realizing that Kate is calling, she decides against answering. Simultaneously, Kate is in the midst of leaving a message on Michelle's phone and Chloe (seated in Kate's office) confesses that it seems like Michelle doesn't have time for them any more.

Amanda emily season 2 2

Amanda tells Emily that she still doesn't trust her.

Emily approaches Amanda in Culture Shock and asks her if she has made a decision, to which Amanda tells her that she still doesn't trust her. Emily then asks her what she can do to gain her trust, and Amanda is left thinking of a way.

James tries breaking up with Beth, but she doesn't understand at all and still believes that they are together. James, frustrated, ponders upon how he will be able to execute such a demand.

Chloe is at Michelle's school, trying to convince her to answer Kate's calls, as well as return to the studio. In the end, Michelle promises to at least consider the notion. Emily and Riley are talking about the state of their plan when James enters and Emily subsequently leaves. Riley and James start talking, and he admits to her that it's hard breaking up with Beth, but that he still wants to continue with the second item on Riley's list: read her September 3, 2003 diary entry as if it's his own in front of everyone in Culture Shock.

West eldon season 2

West and Eldon watch James perform in Culture Shock.

Kate is in Culture Shock because Michelle agreed to meet with her, although she is 15 minutes late. Moments later, James reads Riley's diary entry as his own to the amusement of the audience, as the entry concerns a new doll Riley got for her birthday and her meeting a cute boy named Bobby G (which leaves Eldon and West wondering who Bobby G is, and why James has never introduced them to him). Michelle walks in since she is supposed to meet Kate there, but sees everyone and backs away. Meanwhile, Amanda sees Emily hanging out with Hunter and gets an idea on how Emily can prove herself.

Riley tells James that he did a good job, making him hopeful. He tells her that he read the whole diary after his performance, resulting in a worried Riley. James jokingly teases Riley that there was a part where she said a new boy entered this studio who is really really cute. Riley smiles, yet denies it was about him and claims that it was about Eldon, although it really was about James because Eldon joined the troupe two years before him.


  • Riley has made a list of twenty tasks for James to complete before they can start dating again. 
    • Task #1 on Riley's list is to break up with Beth, and #2 is to read the entry for September 4, 2003 in Riley's diary out loud in public.
    • James has completed task #2 on Riley's list.
  • Emily and Hunter are officially a couple.
  • Emily reveals in Talking Heads that Bobby G was her boyfriend in second grade.
  • Eldon joined The Next Step Dance Studio two years before James.


  • This is the first appearance of the running gag about Task #7 on Riley's list, which is constantly implied to be almost impossible. It is revealed in this episode that James would have to get a passport to complete it, and that he would also be risking his life.

Cultural references

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Bright Eyes.





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