Marcel is the former leader of Seeds.


Before the show

Marcel became the leader of Seeds.

Season 1

Marcel constantly asks West to return to Seeds, unknowing of his position at The Next Step Dance Studio. When he finds out, he makes West choose between the two teams, and when West chooses A-Troupe, Marcel is angry with him and their friendship seemingly ends. His team beats A-Troupe in the dance battle.[1]

At Absolute Dance Regionals, one of his dancers, Tony, gets stuck at the border and is to arrive late at the competition. West suggests that he fills in and although Marcel originally refuses, he eventually agrees. With the help of West, Seeds qualifies to the next round and they become friends again.[2] He is excited when both them and The Next Step qualify to the semi-finals. Despite being knocked off by them, he is friendly with the team.[3]


Marcel is primarily shown as an intimidating guy, but is later revealed to be a friendly cool guy when his conflict with West is resolved.

Physical appearance


Marcel has dark skin and short black hair.


Marcel's attire is very casual; he is usually donned in T-shirts or baseball jersey and baggy pants.


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Season 1


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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