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Marcus is Zara's math rival who becomes captain of his school's math team after Zara quits.


Before the show

Marcus became Zara's math rival in grade 1.[1]

Season 5

Marcus derides Zara for leaving the math team, but nonetheless thanks her, seeing as it has resulted in him assuming her position of captain. He also retrieves the captain badge from Zara.[1]


Marcus is incredibly condescending and bothersome, going out his way to lengthily taunt Zara for leaving the math team, all the while thanking her for leaving, since it resulted in him becoming captain. He is also cocky, believing himself intellectually superior to Zara and more worthy of captaincy than her.

Physical appearance


Marcus has long, brown hair tied into a ponytail and fair skin.


Marcus wears preppy attire indicative of a stereotypical nerd.



  • Math: Marcus is excellent at math, having been a long-time member of his school's math team, and eventually becoming its captain.[1]


Season 5


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