Everybody should have a Margie in their life, and I'm just so glad that I had one.

Chloe, in "Do the Right Thing."

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Margie is a former Baby Ballet student who Chloe used to teach, as well as Chloe's alleged guardian angel.[5]


Before the show

Margie joined Baby Ballet.

Season 1

During Dance Camp, Margie volunteers to sing a song, and is asked to improvise a song about fairies. Later, Margie decides to play hide-and-seek by hiding behind a box, causing the E-Girls to search for her. She eventually comes out of hiding and is chastised by Chloe for hiding. In addition, she is chastised by Emily who makes her "pinky swear" not to do it again.[6]

Season 2

Margie, still outspoken and now somewhat of a sage among her peers, is a student in Chloe's Baby Ballet class. Throughout the season, she encourages Chloe and gives her advice, such as pushing her to audition for the female solo.[7]

She draws a smiley face on a $5 bill while Chloe is counting the money for Absolute Dance Nationals in Kate's office and, although Kate claims that doing such a thing is illegal, this eventually proves to be helpful in deducing that Amanda stole the money.[8]

Season 3

When Chloe has to make a hard decision as to whether or not to join La Ballet de la Reine and miss out on the opportunity to go to Absolute Dance Internationals, Margie is the main factor that pushes her to join the ballet company. As the two dance in the studio, Margie spontaneously vanishes into a cloud of sparkles, contributing to the theory that Margie was Chloe's guardian angel rather than a real person.[5]


Margie is a sage and encouraging character. She is a bit bossy and likes to lead, as she is usually seen "in charge" of Baby Ballet. She helps Chloe with many difficult decisions throughout the series, contributing to the fact that she is helpful; this helpfulness may be a result of her possibly being a guardian angel.[5] She is confident, but a bit sassy. She is also mischievous, as shown when she hides during Dance Camp.[6]

Physical appearance

Margie has curly blonde hair, as well as light blue eyes. She is small due to her young age.

She is usually seen wearing pink, a tutu, or both.



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It is believed that Margie is Chloe's guardian angel.[5] Margie advises and assists Chloe throughout her time at The Next Step Dance Studio.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Margie is left-handed.[8]
  • Margie claims to West that she can go six hours without blinking,[5] although it is impossible for one to last that length of time without doing so. This may contribute to the fact that Margie isn't human,[9] or perhaps she's simply pulling West's leg.


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