Max is a complete mystery.

Giselle, "The Nutcracker Prince"

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Max is currently a university student. He is a former member of A-Troupe, and before that, Elite Dance Academy.


Before the show

Max went to Absolute Dance Regionals thrice in a row, having won all three competitions with Elite Dance Academy. He also attended to Absolute Dance Nationals three times and allegedly won the Mister Nationals Soloist title several times.[1]

Season 1

Max is a part of Elite Dance Academy.

Season 2

Max, with Regan, attends both the duet competition that Beth and James attended[2] and the trio competition that Giselle, Thalia and Amanda attend.[3] Still a part of Elite, Max is the male soloist at Absolute Dance Nationals, this being his fourth time attending the competition.[4]

Season 3

Max giselle season 3 tnp

Max is spoken to by Giselle, who is trying to make him feel welcome.

Max competes against Richelle in a dance battle and wins, becoming a part of A-Troupe.[5]

Max has trouble making friends with the A-Troupers, and has trouble adjusting to what The Next Step does, rather than Elite, and to help him fit in, Phoebe (after getting an idea from Cierra) assigns him a duet with West; Max makes friends with him.[6] After Shantel leaves A-Troupe,[7] Max has even more trouble fitting in, and Giselle (as she is the new dance captain) tries to make him feel welcome.[8] Eventually, he makes friends with James, Thalia, Eldon, Giselle, and others.

When Amanda has to leave practice early, Max fills in for her in the trio with Giselle and Thalia. He feels bad when he is asked to permanently replace her and offers to teach her how to do acro, but she refuses.[9]

Richelle max duet

Max performs a duet with Richelle in The Music Room.

He and Richelle pair up to perform a duet, set to the song "The Abyss."[10] They perform it at a duet competition; later on, Phoebe claims that the two came in first place.[11]

For Amanda's welcome back party, to the song "Oops a Daisy", Max performs a musical theatre duet with Eldon.[12]

He is enlisted to be in a five person dance for Absolute Dance Internationals alongside Giselle, West, James, and Riley.[13] A twist, naturally, ensues and the dance must be fitted to an entirely new song. Despite the challenge, the routine goes extremely well and his team moves on to the semi-finals.[14]

Season 4

Feeling that he has sufficiently broken out of his shell, Max says goodbye to The Next Step, and goes to university.[15]


Max is an extremely stoic and serious individual, and is a man of few words. He rarely socializes, and is usually seen alone. He is very serious about dance, and is shown practicing regularly on his own time. This seriousness does not mean that he is emotionless though; he has said that he is a sucker for love,[16] and he enjoys participating in silly activities such as square dancing[17] and burping.[18]


Physical Appearance

Max is muscular and strong, and has a medium brown complexion. He is very tall.


He is regularly seen wearing a muscle tee. His dance wear mainly contains brown, maroon, and red.



  • Acro: Max's dominant style is acro.
  • Ballet: Max can pirouette effectively.
  • Breakdance: Max is proficient in breakdance. His favourite dance move, the windmill, is a breakdance move.[7]
  • Contemporary: Max is a proficient contemporary dancer.
  • Hip-hop: Max is proficient at hip-hop. He was part of the "music mystery" five-person routine for Internationals which was a hip-hop routine.[13]
  • Square dance: Max allegedly goes square-dancing on a weekly basis. He seems to know a lot about the style.[17]


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Group dances


Group dances

Group dances


  • He competes in the same duet competition that James and Beth are a part of[19] and the trio competition that Giselle, Thalia, and Amanda are a part of.[20]
  • He is often seen drinking milk.
  • One of his favourite hobbies is square dancing.[17]
  • Another one of Max's favourite hobbies is burping.[18]
  • His favourite dance move is the windmill.[21]
  • Max was one of the oldest members of A-Troupe.[22]


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