Mel is Giselle's uncle and a police officer.


Before the show

Mel went to police college and trained to become a police officer.

Season 1

Mel, as a part of Giselle's prank, pretends to detain James in Studio A. He eventually reveals that he was merely joking, and dances with A-Troupe afterwards before resuming his patrol.[1]


Mel appears to be a fun-loving, comedic individual. However, he can be stern when he needs to be.

Physical appearance

Mel is a heavily-built, burly man with light skin, grey hair, and light blue eyes.

During his appearance on the show, Mel wears a typical police officer's uniform.


Season 1


  • Mel is played by Derby Crewe, who is also a crew member on the show. 
  • It is unclear as to whether Mel has the same surname as Giselle and Clara, i.e. Bellamy.


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