Mr. Abernathy is the first aid instructor who leads the CPR course that James and Riley attend.


Before the show

Mr. Abernathy must have trained to be a first aid/CPR instructor.

Season 2

He leads the first aid course which James, accompanied by Riley, attends to learn CPR when Kate needs someone to learn this for Absolute Dance Nationals.[1]


Mr. Abernathy is strict and seems to only care about teaching first aid, as James is picked on instantly when he mentions that he thought the class would be fun, and is told that Scrapbooking Tuesday is fun. He is described as "intense" by Riley.[1]

He takes offence when James mentions that Riley doesn't think that Scrapbooking Tuesday is fun (this is actually a ruse so Riley can leave the class to meet Emily, who has sent an S.N.S. text), and tells her to leave. Whether this is because Mr. Abernathy attends Scrapbooking Tuesday himself or simply that he doesn't like being contradicted is perhaps best left to personal preference.

Physical appearance

Mr. Abernathy is quite tall, has brown hair, fair skin, and green eyes.

Mr. Abernathy wears a light blue shirt with a Star of Life logo enclosed in a red circle (there is also white lettering at the top and bottom of the circle, but this is unreadable on-screen), and navy blue trousers. This is presumably his first aid instructor's uniform.


Season 2


  • A paramedic appears in "Don't Stop Me Now" and is portrayed by Michael Murray. It is unknown whether this character is Mr. Abernathy or whether it is a coincidence that Michael Murray plays two paramedics.


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