What's happening is, I am expanding The Next Step and building a new studio.

Kate to, Emily

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"Ms. Kate's New Studio" is the 6th episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Kate and Emily talk about expanding The Next Step Dance Studio."[1]


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Emily tells Kate that she wants to do something that she is passionate about while getting to apply what she has learnt.

Emily approaches Kate in her office, hugs her and then confesses that it's always nice to come back to the studio and relive all the memories she's made. Kate asks Emily how business school was, to which Emily tells her that it was great, and she graduated at the top of her class but is glad to be done. Kate asks Emily if she has any plans, to which Emily tells her that she would like to do something she's really passionate about but that also applies what she has learned. Emily notices a spreadsheet on Kate's desk and asks her what it's for. According to Kate, the spreadsheet outlines some of the changes Kate wishes to make to expand the studio. At this, Emily excitedly assumes that she will be painting over the chicken wall, confusing Kate since she sees nothing wrong with it. Kate replies that she will be building an upscale, modern and classy studio on the east side of the building. Kate confesses that the studio was elevating since the victory at Internationals but the recent loss at Regionals has set them back a bit. Emily picks up the colour palette and picks her favourite shade for the studio, which Kate coincidentally picked as well. Kate confesses that the new studio is just going to be the beginning of the many changes to come and that the dancers will be very surprised but it's what needs to be done for the good of the studio.


  • This episode released as "New Horizons" on CBBC.
  • Kate is the current studio head.
  • Emily has graduated from business school.



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