She's my girlfriend.

Hunter, to Eldon

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"My Boyfriend's Back" [also known as "Don't Stop the Party (Part 2)"] is the 2nd episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 32nd episode overall. It aired on March 7, 2014.


A-Troupe meets their new choreographer Phoebe, and votes for open auditions for the Nationals team.


A strange woman in printed clothing dances in Studio A. As she dances the members of A-Troupe mill into the studio. Eventually, Kate introduces the newcomer as her sister, Phoebe, who will assume the position of head choreographer. Kate speaks of the Challenge and after a vote, it is decided that the studio will hold the auditions for the Nationals team.

Amanda lucien tess season 2 mbb

Amanda gets kicked out of Elite.

Michelle, James, Eldon, and Riley are at the mall when they see a notice Lucien yelling at Amanda who is crying. Lucien antagonizes her for Elite's loss and kicks her out of the studio. Michelle, Eldon, James, and Riley flee from the scene, with Michelle particularly upset about the scenario. At the studio, Phoebe runs the choreography by Emily. Phoebe leaves to answer the phone when an unknown boy enters the studio. He introduces himself as Hunter and tells Emily that he is looking for his girlfriend, Michelle. Seeing this an opportunity to get Eldon back, Emily tells Hunter that Michelle is in Culture Shock. Hunter thanks Emily and leaves to find Michelle. In Culture Shock, Michelle, Eldon, Chloe, James, West, and Riley convene. As the converse, they notice that Amanda has entered the store. Chloe inquires as to who invited her, and Michelle reveals that she did. Michelle approaches Amanda and tells her that she would like to about auditions with her elsewhere. Michelle leaves with Amanda just as Hunter enters the store. Eldon notices Hunter and beckons him over. The present dancers introduce themselves to Hunter, and he to them. Hunter confesses that Eldon seems like a cool guy.

Phoebe, Kate, and Emily converse in Kate's office. Phoebe confronts Emily about her break-up with Eldon, which she found out about from Kate. Despite Emily not liking hugs, Phoebe insists on hugging Emily.

Phoebe emily season 2 mbb 2

Phoebe hugs Emily.

Michelle enters the office. Emily asks Michelle if she saw anyone and Michelle reveals that she does, although the person she saw was Amanda. On cue, Amanda enters the office. After some persuasion, Amanda is permitted to audition by Kate, Phoebe, and Michelle, despite Emily's disagreement.

The auditioners warm up in Studio A. While warming up, Daniel notices a girl stretching beside him, whom he is instantly wary of. Daniel expresses this concern to Giselle, which surprises her. Kate and Phoebe welcome the dancers and introduces the new ones who will be auditioning; Jake is a dancer who regularly posts dance videos online of which Emily deems to be great, Cass and Morgan are strong dancers who attended the same studio as Jake, and Thalia is the not only the girl that Daniel was threatened by, but is a dancer who attended Nationals with her studio a year ago. Amanda is also introduced, but is met with minimal applause. Kate begins explaining the audition process as Hunter sneaks into the studio. He lifts Michelle and spins her around, drawing the attention of the other dancers in the room. Eldon asks Michelle if she knows Hunter and Hunter claims that Michelle is his girlfriend.

Michelle hunter season 2 mbb

Michelle tells Hunter that she has fallen for someone else.

Michelle takes Hunter into Kate's office to speak to him, while Eldon is left stunned. Michelle ultimately tells Hunter that, despite their past history, she has fallen for somebody else.

Michelle and Hunter exit the office and return to the studio. A few moments later, Hunter pulls Emily aside and asks her if he will help him with a plan to make Michelle jealous in the hopes that they will get their respective partners back. Emily, knowing that drama isn't the best, does not know if she should take part in the ploy.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by The Angels.





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