Usually, when I dance, I feel better, but it's almost like... as I go through the dance, it feels worse.


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"Never Enough" is the 9th episode of Season 2 of The Next Step and the 39th episode overall. It aired on April 11, 2014.


James and Riley struggle with their duet. Michelle confronts Eldon.


Beth and James watch two Elite Dance Academy dancers perform a duet as they wait to go-stage at the duet competition. James still feels unsure about doing the dance, but Beth gives him just enough confidence to perform the dance. As they dance, James confesses that he is actually enjoying himself. At the end of the performance, he and Beth hug, then bow for the applauding audience.

Kate season 2 ne

Kate realizes that James and Riley are not in Studio A.

While in her office, Kate notices that Studio A is empty, which is reason for concern because James and Riley are supposed to be using the space to practice their duet for Nationals. As opposed to practicing her duet with James, Riley is sitting in Culture Shock. Eldon joins her and apologizes about her break-up with James. He goes on to say that if she and James can't make it, that nobody else can, causing Riley to claim that they weren't exactly the ideal couple; Eldon inadvertently calls James and Beth the ideal couple since they went to the competition together. Seeing the angry look on Riley's face, Eldon immediately tries to cover it up by saying that he heard it as a rumor. Michelle enters Culture Shock just as Eldon hurriedly leaves. As Michelle approaches Riley, Riley also storms off, causing Michelle to check her breath and sniff her armpit.

Kate tells A-Troupe that James and Beth placed second in the competition, causing everybody except Riley to congratulate James. Kate then tells the group to warm up, but calls James and Riley into her office. For what seems like an eternity, James and Riley share the office space alone, the tension thick between them. Eventually, Riley tells James that she can't believe that he attended the competition, causing James to retort that he couldn't bail, although Riley begs to differ. As the two finish bickering, Kate finally joins them and expresses her concern about their duet. Riley asks if they can have a few days off before they resume practicing, and Kate begrudgingly agrees.

Michelle season 2 ne

Michelle watches Hunter and Emily interact with each other.

Michelle watches Hunter and Emily goof around with each other as she waits in the line at Culture Shock. As she stands in the line, Eldon enters the store. Michelle instantly makes small talk and brings up the fact that she wishes that she could do the duet with Eldon, leaving Eldon extremely uncomfortable. Without even making a purchase, Eldon departs, leaving behind a confused Michelle.

In Studio A, Eldon attempts to practice his Nationals solo, although he admits that he isn't dancing his best because he has too much on his mind. As he rehearses, Emily enters in the hopes of speaking to him, and instantly notices that Eldon isn't floating like he usually does. After Eldon finishes his routine, Emily asks him if he is having problems with Michelle and Eldon assures her that he isn't, but also claims that he is unsure if he is still in a relationship with her.

Riley james season 2 2

Riley congratulates James.

Riley is reading a magazine in Culture Shock. When James enters the store and stands in the line, Riley hesitantly approaches him, instantly gratifying him. Although, Riley merely congratulates him on placing second in the duet competition and refuses to hear a further alibi about his association with Beth. After awkwardly shaking hands, James leaves, with Riley looking on after him.

In Studio A's cubbie area, Hunter approaches Emily about their plan. When Emily tells him that Eldon said him and Michelle are still together, Hunter is instantly angry, as Eldon went back on the pledge that they made when Eldon lost the dance battle. Hunter realizes that he needs to re-establish his connection with Michelle.

At Culture Shock, Hunter approaches a saddened Michelle and tries to cheer her up to no avail. Michelle tells him about her situation with Eldon, unknowing that Hunter is already aware of it, and Hunter tells her that if he was her boyfriend he'd want to spend every minute of every hour with her.

Riley dances to "When the War is Over" in a dimly lit Music Room, in an attempt to sort out her feelings. Despite usually feeling better when she dances, Riley confesses that, as the routine prolongs, she only feels worse. Emily enters while Riley dances and watches. When Riley finishes, she breaks down in tears and Emily takes Riley in her arms to comfort her.

Michelle eldon season 2 ne 3

Eldon breaks up with Michelle.

Later, at the end of dance class, Emily is packing up her belongings to leave, when Michelle asks Eldon if they can talk. Emily swiftly exits, but secretly lingers behind the studio's doors to eavesdrop on their conversation. Michelle confronts Eldon about his avoidance of her. Eldon tells her that with Nationals coming up, he doesn't think he can balance both dance and a relationship. As a result, Michelle asks Eldon if he is breaking up with her and, after being told that he cannot have more time to think about it, Eldon concurs. Emily quickly departs as to not be seen, and Eldon departs soon after, leaving a confused and saddened Michelle alone in the studio.


Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by The Cure.





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