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"Never There" is the 19th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 83rd episode overall. It aired on September 25, 2015.


Michelle is struggling with her parents's divorce and this affects the team. Meanwhile, James and Riley try to see things from one another's perspective; and Ella tries to convince Noah that A-Troupe is the right place for him.


Noah west cierra eldon giselle season 3 nt

(l-r) Noah, West Cierra, Eldon and Giselle listen to Kate.

A-Troupe is practising their semi-finals routine in Studio A. After rehearsal, Kate informs the team that the Absolute Dance Internationals board has sent another fragment of information: a five person dance must be created. She enlists: Stephanie, Michelle, Thalia, Eldon, and Cierra for the dance, seeing as they have good chemistry. Stephanie instantly protests, since Michelle is hardly ever there, but Kate assures her that Michelle already informed that she'd be late and not to worry. Noah is upset that he wasn't chosen for the dance and sullenly leaves. Afterwards, Riley asks James if they can discuss their relationship.

Despite Michelle still having not arrived, Stephanie tells the group that they should start rehearsing nonetheless since they need to show the dance to Kate by the end of the day; the group begrudgingly agrees. Stephanie confesses that Michelle better get their soon because they have a lot of work that needs to be done.

Riley james season 3 never there 1

James suggests that he and Riley walk a mile in each other's shoes.

Riley confronts James about quitting the band and apologizes feeling that it is her fault, although James assures her that she isn't to blame. James then apologizes for trying to stop Riley from being friends with Ella, but Riley tells him that it's okay because she understands his intent; they eventually decide to pretend to be each other for the day as to see each other's perspectives in the hopes preventing a future fight. Meanwhile, Ella notices Noah sulking in Hidalgo's about not being a featured dancer, and decides to help him.

In Studio, the four members are practicing their routine, albeit with trouble, since Michelle still isn't there. Shortly thereafter, Michelle finally arrives, although not in clothes that are suitable for dancing since she doesn't have her dance bag. Despite Michelle assertion that her father will bring her for her, Stephanie is still upset, believing that Michelle could ruin her chance at going to Internationals.

Riley west james never there

West angrily tells James and Riley that he doesn't like what's going on.

Riley and James enter Hidalgo's; Riley spoils a book for a customer, greets a waitress named Kylie in an uncharacteristic manner, and takes a bite out of West's muffin, all in attempt to be James. James, acting as Riley, apologizes for her action. James temporarily forgets to keep the act going and takes West's muffin and begins devouring it, causing West to remark that he doesn't like what is going on. Riley reminds James that she wouldn't do that and eats the muffin instead.

Ella tells Noah to attempt a move that he has been struggling it, and after failing to do it, Ella gives him constructive criticism and urges him to try again.

Michelle finally receives what she believes to be her dance bag from her father, although it is actually her dad's hockey bag. Stephanie, naturally, is livid.

Riley professes that she is hungry, but James tells her that he made a schedule that has no slot on it for eating, and has therefore brought her a banana. Riley comments that the banana is green, to which James replies that he didn't know when he'd need it. Riley confesses that she didn't think she was that up-tight.

Noah is stilling struggling to do his move. He tells Ella that he just can't do it, but Ella assures Noah that there is greatness in him and he finally believes her.

James eldon riley season 3 nt

James and Eldon eye Riley's shawarma.

James is waiting for Riley so that they can view the five person dance, but Riley is late. When she finally arrives, Riley is eating a shawarma with extra tzatziki which makes James instantly hungry, although he stops himself from having any because he has to stay in character. Eldon approaches them and comments that he is hungry; Riley gives him her shawarma and he responds with "Thanks, bro" before commenting that James is wearing a "nice shirt."

It is finally time for the five person group to perform for the rest of the troupe. Michelle believes that she will be able to execute the dance well, as she had watched the group rehearse many-a-time, but Kate forbids her from dancing because of the clothes she is wearing. The other four members of her group perform their routine that is a noticeable disaster, especially due to the fact that the spacing is obviously for five people. Kate realizes that she will have to select a new group. Stephanie is extremely angry and disappointed.

Noah finally perfects the move, and Noah instantly feels more confident and realizes that he deserves to be on A-Troupe.

The newly selected five person group of: James, West, Riley, Giselle, and Max perform the routine that they had constructed in merely three hours. It is far better than the previous group's, and Kate is blown away, commenting that it is an International-level dance. Stephanie is instantly upset and storms out of the studio as everybody congratulates the new group for their great choreography. Michelle watches her as she leaves and immediately feels guilty.

Michelle stephanie season 3 nt

Michelle tries to apologise to Stephanie.

Michelle finds Stephanie at Hidalgo's, and tries to apologize to her about what happened. Stephanie expresses how Michelle ruined things for not only her, but everybody else. She explains that she just got back into A-Troupe and wanted to prove herself, but because of Michelle, she was unable to. Stephanie storms off, leaving Michelle to realize that she has to fix things.

Riley is exhausted from pretending to be James all day and rests upon a bench and James, still in character, tells her that she does have time to take a nap. The two laugh, and realize that the activity was helpful in looking from one another's perspective. They decide that they will think about that day whenever they have another major fight.

Michelle enters Kate's office to try and find common ground, but is interrupted by Kate, who tells her that after a lot of thought, she has decided that Michelle will be the second alternate and that the decision is non-negotiable. She leaves a devastated Michelle in her office, who tearfully confesses that such an instance was bound to happen due to everything that she has missed.



  • Michelle becomes an alternate, which is ironic, because Kate was willing to give Lucien an advantage over her team in "Secrets" so that Michelle could have a guaranteed spot on the team, as she claimed that Michelle was the most important person on the team and was needed.
  • Riley references James's tendency to talk to strangers that occurs in "Road to Joy" and "Under Pressure".
  • Riley references James's love for shawarmas that first became known in "Road to Joy".


  • Stephanie says that she had to work her way back up to A-Troupe, however, in "I Hope I Get It," she says that she wishes to stay in B-Troupe and has "no other intentions," meaning that she wasn't working hard to get back into A-Troupe.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Cake.





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