I'm coming here hoping for a fresh start somewhere new.


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"New Girl Lola" is the 12th episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Piper, LaTroy and Amy meet Lola in Studio A."[1]


Ngl lola enters

Lola enters Studio A.

LaTroy, allegedly being the master of the style, is teaching Amy and Piper pop and lock and animation moves in Studio A, to prepare for upcoming A-Troupe auditions. As the session continues, a girl enters Studio A and peers in Kate's office. Amy notices this and offers the girl some help, to which she asks where the studio head is. Piper informs the girl that she just left. The girl, Lola, confesses that she is planning to switch studios and was hoping to see Kate, so that she could make a good first impression. As Lola turns to leave, Piper asks if she is a dancer, to which Lola replies that she is and is currently a member of Encore Dance Studios.
Lola off season ngl

Lola confesses that The Next Step might be a good place for her.

Amy is aware that the studio is very competitive and asks Lola why she is leaving there, to which Lola asserts that it is good but she is looking for something more challenging for the upcoming dance season. Lola confesses that Encore is challenging enough, and that she is actually leaving because she doesn't have any friends there and wants a fresh start. Amy invites Lola to join in on the pop and lock session. Despite her thankfulness, Lola declines the offer, saying that she needs to rehearse for auditions. Lola confesses that she thinks The Next Step could be a good place for her.




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