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"No Good Deed" is the 6th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 140th episode overall. It aired on July 7, 2017.


"Amy takes another shot at getting onto A-Troupe, while a love triangle threatens to destroy The Next Step from within."[1]


Screenshot (4800)

Noticing that Amy is down, Heather gives Amy a complementary juice.

Amy sits alone in Neutral Grounds. Heather approaches her and gives her a free drink, having noticed how down she looks. Amy confesses that it is hard to accept the fact that she is no longer dancing. Piper approaches Amy and, despite the shaky terms of their relationship, provides consolation to Amy for no longer being able to dance at The Next Step Dance Studio. Amy hands Piper a bag of her items that she found while cleaning out her locker, and Piper thanks her. Piper confesses that she knows Amy needs a friend at the moment. Piper tells Amy that she has a plan to get Amy to dance for Emily.

Jacquie is stretching at the ballet barre in Studio 1 when Noah approaches her. Jacquie confesses that she doesn't know what to think of Noah after him standing her up but believes he had a reason. Noah confesses that he knows he cannot be with Jacquie if he wants to be friends with Henry again. Noah tells Jacquie that he really likes her, but that Henry doesn't feel comfortable with the situation. Before Noah can go on, Jacquie angrily interrupts him. Jacquie confesses that she thought Henry was over her, but that he clearly isn't. Jacquie finally understands Noah's odd behaviour, and leaves to deal with the problem.

Jacquie ozzy henry s5 ep6

Jacquie tells Henry to get over himself and move on.

In Studio A, Ozzy prepares to teach Henry and Kingston his eponymous dance move. As Henry attempts the move, Jacquie enters the studio. Jacquie asks Henry if he seriously told Noah that he cannot date her, which Henry partially admits to. Jacquie tells Henry that if he had a problem, he should have come to her and asserts that she can hang out with whomever she wants, then urges Henry to get over himself and move on. She then walks out, leaving a speechless Henry behind. Kingston and Ozzy whisper about how brutally Jacquie told off Henry. Kingston admits that Jacquie has a point as, per his estimate, Henry has talked about her at least 5000 times. Ozzy also urges Henry to move on. Kingston and Ozzy conclude that Henry needs some "bro time."

In Studio 1, Piper tells Amy that they can convince Emily to make Amy an alternate, even though Emily doesn't want any. Realizing she has nothing to lose, Amy decides she will try. Even though she got in trouble for doing so before, Piper decides that she will teach Amy some of the choreography because she is her best friend.

Kingston and Ozzy try to cheer Henry up in Neutral Grounds, which only partially works. After Ozzy jokes about going pro for basketball, Henry laments about having watched basketball games with Jacquie all the time when they dated, how she was a die hard fan who would wear their home team's jersey until they were eliminated, and how she probably now watches games with Noah. Kingston asserts that the best way for Henry to get over an old love is with new love, and Ozzy and Kingston decide Heather is a good candidate.

Amy piper emily daniel s5 ep6

Amy begs Emily for a chance to audition.

Amy rehearses Daniel's choreography. As Piper and Amy run through the choreography, Emily and Daniel enter the studio. Emily asks Amy what she is doing there and confesses that she feels bad about her being pulled from the studio, but that she still isn't an A-Troupe dancer. Amy tells Emily about how important dance is to her and begs her for the chance to be on her team. Emily confesses that she doesn't believe in alternates, because she doesn't think any A-Troupers should be on the sidelines, but believes there to be little harm in seeing what Amy can do. Emily finally concedes.

Amy and Piper perform Daniel's choreography. As they dance, Emily confesses that Amy's flips are comparable to Giselle's, and Daniel confesses that Amy is really shining. When they finish, Daniel assures Amy that she did well, and Emily tells them they'll think about it. Emily and Daniel retreat to Emily's office and Amy confesses that now it's up to Emily.

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Henry defends Ozzy by explaining his situation to Heather.

Since Henry refuses to do so, Ozzy approaches Heather. Ozzy attempts to flirt with her, but it goes terribly. Henry steps in and assures Heather that Ozzy is trying to cheer him up after his break-up and Heather assures him that she gets it, as she'd be devastated if she broke up with her boyfriend. Ozzy sits back down, and Heather tells Henry that he needs a girl's perspective. Heather tells him that she can talk to him on her break, which is in ten minutes, and he agrees. In the locker room, Jacquie approaches Noah and tells him about her conversation with Henry. Noah has trouble believing that Henry is okay with them being together and leaves to sort things out, making Jacquie wonder if it is worth it.

Henry tells Heather about what happened, confessing that he already fells better after talking to her. Henry tells Heather that it must be annoying having to hear about dance at the store all the time, but Heather claims that she gets by. Henry asks her what her job is like and Heather tells him that it's not bad, but that she always goes home smelling like guava, making him laugh. Observing from afar with Ozzy, Kingston confesses that they would make a cute couple. Noah enters the store, set on approaching Henry, but Kingston stops him. Kingston and Ozzy tell Noah that he is on a date, and Noah believes this to be why Henry is supposedly okay with him dating Jacquie.

Daniel emily amy piper s5 ep6

Piper tearfully exits the studio.

Now alone in Studio 1, Amy performs a personal solo. As she finishes, Piper enters. Amy makes it seem as though she hasn't made it onto the team, but eventually admits the truth, exciting her and Piper alike. Amy asks Piper why she is there so early, and Piper admits that Emily would like to meet her in her office. Piper enters the office, where Emily and Daniel are. Piper excitedly comments about Amy being an alternate, although Emily assures her that Amy is a full-fledged member of the team. Piper realizes that there are eleven dancers, and one needs to be cut. Slowly, Piper discovers that she is the dancer being cut, meaning that Amy inadvertently took her spot. Emily and Daniel tell Piper that she is welcome to join B-Troupe. Tearfully, Piper runs out of the studio, confusing the onlooking Amy. Piper confesses that she worked so hard to be on the team, while Amy, finally putting two and two together, confesses that she didn't want to make A-Troupe this way.

Piper packs up the items in her locker. Amy enters and apologizes to her, even claiming that she will quit so Piper can be back on the troupe. Piper confesses that she knows Amy feels bad, but that there isn't anything she can do. Amy continues to assert that she will get Piper back onto the troupe, but Piper leaves, claiming that this isn't necessary.

Screenshot (5110)

Heather regards the studio.

Henry introduces Heather to Studio A as Michelle sits in her office. A few members of TNS West enter, with Piper sadly trailing behind. Henry immediately asks Piper if she is okay, and she is unable to do anything but shake her head. Michelle instantly realizes what has happened, and immediately offers Piper a spot on TNS West; elated, Piper hugs Michelle, and Michelle confesses that she has no idea why Emily would kick such a great dancer off her team. Piper confesses that home is where people want you, and she therefore feels at home on TNS West. Michelle announces that she is treating everyone to ice cream, and Henry confesses that with Piper on their team, they are once again only two dancers short of a full team, and expresses his belief that they will find their final two dancers soon. As the dancers leave for their ice cream, Heather assures Henry that she will catch up shortly; once the studio is empty, she performs a flip. Heather confesses that she wishes she could dance at The Next Step, but knows that she cannot; she says that she will always be a dancer, even if she can never compete again.




  • Amy gives Piper items of hers that she claims she found in her locker; however, Studio A has cubbies, not lockers.
  • Ozzy hears and acknowledges that Heather has a boyfriend, but he doesn't correct himself after telling Noah that she and Henry are on a date. 
  • In "Go West, Young Michelle", all members of TNS West are blacklisted from joining TNS East, and Michelle is told that she can't accept new dancers from within The Next Step Dance Studio. However, in this episode, Amy is accepted onto TNS East despite being a former member of TNS West, and Piper is almost instantly accepted onto TNS West with no issues, despite the fact that she is a Next Step dancer and technically shouldn't be able to join TNS West.
  • The fact that Heather is a former dancer and can no longer attend a studio is first revealed in The Off Season: Season 1.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Idina Menzel.





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