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...There's no one I share that history with.... It's just me and her.

Noah about himself and Richelle

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"No Shell" is the 24th episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 178th episode overall.


The Next Step arrives for day one of Regionals and A-Troupe is feeling the pressure.[1]


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  • This episode became available on BBC iPlayer on November 19, 2018, one week prior to its scheduled release on CBBC.
  • Amy still has feelings for Henry.
  • Giselle's last name, previously unrevealed on-screen, is Bellamy.



Production Errors

  • In the scene when A-Troupe is waiting backstage for the qualifying for finals verdict to be delivered, Richelle is briefly seen behind Summer with her hair down and in her A-Troupe uniform. In the next shot, her hair is in a bun and she is back in her ballet costume.

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