Since Amanda and I broke up, this is the first time, in a long time, I've met someone I'm interested in.


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"Noah's New Crush" is the 5th episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Noah and Jacquie meet at a dance workshop."[1]


Noah jacquie off season nnc

Noah and Jacquie's hands accidentally touch.

Daniel is running a ballet workshop in Studio A. Among the attendees is Noah and an unknown girl who stands across from him at the ballet barre. The two greet each other and introduce themselves to each other; the girl's name happens to be Jacquie. Noah confesses that since his break up with Amanda, Jacquie is the first girl he has been interested in. As the two move into their next position, their hands touch and the two apologise to each other. Hearing this, Daniel calls out Noah. Subsequently, Jacquie comments on Daniel's intensity and in defending him, Noah is asked by Daniel to perform three clean and perfect pirouettes. Although, after seeing Noah smile back at Jacquie, the amount of pirouettes is doubled. Noah ends up performing "ten" perfect pirouettes, impressing Jacquie. Daniel tells everybody to take five. Jacquie pulls Noah aside and compliments him, as well as tells him that she will be auditioning for A-Troupe and hopes they will be on the same team. Noah happily confesses that if they make it onto the same team, anything could happen.




  • Noah actually does nine pirouettes, rather than ten.




  • Tyler Hutchings as Tyler
  • Darian Mark as Ben

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