I don't care if all of existence has ceased to be, I don't care if every peach on the planet has dried up, I don't care if every glacier has melted. I need that phone.


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"Nobody's Fault but Mine" is the 17th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 111th episode overall. It aired on June 3, 2016.


"Riley considers removing the team from competition because of a change in the qualifier rules. Meanwhile, the guys go on the hunt for Eldon's missing phone in London; and Sloane has trouble accepting Amy and LaTroy's relationship."[1]


Alfie riley amy season 4 nobody's fault but mine

Riley tells the dancers about the twist.

In Studio A, Michelle, Amy, Alfie, Richelle, and Noah are rehearsing their quintet for the second qualifier, which is taking place the following day. The group is working very hard and is excited to compete at the qualifier. Riley is watching the group rehearse through the window of her office when she receives an e-mail from the Regionals board. She reads the message and is shocked at the twist that is presented, as she confesses that it not only affects the competing dancers but the entire team. Riley exits her office and tells the dancers to stop dancing, then provides them with the twist: whichever team wins the second qualifier gets to steal a dancer from another team. The dancers are shocked at the revelation and Riley confesses that it changes everything.

Eldon west james season 4 nfbm

Eldon tells West and James that he needs his phone.

West and James are lounging in their London hotel room and reading magazines. Eldon exits the bathroom and comments on the amount of magazines that are sprawled around the room which West dubs as authentic magazines that provide him with information about the country. West asks Eldon to take a picture of he and James in order to capture how cultured the two have become. It is at this time that Eldon realizes that his phone is missing, which according to him is especially bad because every picture of him and Thalia is on that phone. The other boys are nonchalant about Eldon's loss but Eldon is determined to get his phone back. West and James begrudgingly decide to help Eldon find it.

The quintet continues to practice under Riley's watch, with Riley confessing that she is incredibly nervous about the qualifier. As the group rehearses, two sets of twins from Gemini Dance Studio arrive, including the unnamed twins that ridiculed The Next Step Dance Studio at the first qualifier. The brothers proclaim that they are doing some window-shopping in order to figure out who they are going to steal when they win the qualifier. Riley is in disbelief that the Geminis would give up their win just to mess with them. Just then, one of the twins points at Alfie and comments that he looks just like their teammate Georgie. The brothers assure Riley that they have nothing to worry about if they win and promptly exit the studio. Riley becomes concerned that the team will lose Alfie.

Amanda noah season 4 nfbm 2

Amanda watches Noah attempt to touch his toes.

Noah is icing his back in the Lounge since it has been acting up. Amanda enters and tells Noah that everybody is freaking out about the qualifier and asks Noah why he is in the Lounge. Amanda eventually realizes that Noah is icing his back and, upon Noah's assertion that he is icing his face and ears, orders Noah to touch his toes. When Noah is unable to do so, Amanda realizes that Noah is not taking his injury seriously. Amanda orders Noah to promise her to tell her if his back gets worse and Noah begrudgingly accepts after Amanda hits his shoulder. Amanda angrily leaves after bidding farewell to Noah because she has to go talk to Riley and Michelle. Meanwhile, LaTroy watches Amy rehearse the dance for the qualifier in the Rehearsal Room. LaTroy assures her that her dancing is perfect and as Amy performs a spin, Sloane enters the room. Sloane confesses that the last time she saw Amy perform the dance, she was helping her with it, and that it's hard seeing her dance it now. Amy notices Sloane and asks Sloane if she has any feedback since she misses working with her. Sloane tells her that she still needs to releve her turns and leaves; LaTroy believes that Sloane doesn't know what she is talking about, but Amy assures him that Sloane is right. Amy confesses that Sloane is now practically a stranger and that she wishes things would go back to the way they used to be.

West eldon james season 4 nbfm

Eldon remembers that he left his phone at Chip Butty.

James, West, and Eldon are running down the streets of London, asking people if they have seen a cellphone. Eldon confesses that the phone has documented every part of his relationship with Thalia and that, if he loses it for good, he is going to be heartbroken all over again. After realizing that their tactic isn't working, James tells Eldon to close his eyes and visualize the last place he saw his phone. Eldon realizes that he forgot his phone at the restaurant they went to yesterday, nicknamed by Eldon as Chip Butty.

Riley michelle amanda season 4 nfbm

Riley seeks advice about the qualifier from Michelle and Amanda.

In Java Junction, Riley asks Michelle and Amanda for advice on what to do about the qualifier over coffee. Michelle assures Riley that they are going to win and that Riley should be worrying about who the team is going to poach. Riley tells Michelle that she is avoiding the fact that they could lose Alfie or another dancer such as her. Amanda tells Riley that she should consider pulling the ream from the qualifier as to not risk losing a dancer. Michelle is incredulous and believes that Amanda is being selfish as she probably just doesn't want to risk losing Noah. Amanda confesses that she is not scared about losing Noah, but is nervous about his back. Amanda claps back by calling Michelle selfish because all she wants to do is compete. Michelle silently agrees with Amanda, but confesses that she has worked so hard to be on the team and does not want this shot taken away from her. Amanda asserts that there is another qualifier, although Michelle reminds her that only one studio wins. Riley interrupts the two and thanks them, but confesses that she is even more confused.

The boys are at Chippy's Pub, but still have not found Eldon's cellphone. Eldon asks the bartender to looks for his phone again and he refuses... until Eldon offers him 50 pounds. The bartender willingly accepts the payment and searches for the phone, with James and West angry that Eldon wasted their lunch money. Eldon is excited at the prospect of getting his phone back and leaves after a sudden urge to use the washroom. James tells West that when Eldon comes back, they are going back to the hotel.

Riley season 4 nfbm 2

Riley tells the quintet that they will not be dancing at the qualifier.

Riley tells the quintet dancers that she has been doing a lot of thinking and has decided to pull the team out of the qualifier, leaving the dancers incredulous. Richelle is furious with Riley's decision, believing that she has no faith in them, and leaves with the confession that this would have never happened under Kate's jurisdiction. Riley tells the dancers that they still have once more qualifier, but Amy angrily reminds her that only one studio gets picked from it. Amy, Noah, and Michelle all begin arguing with Riley at once and Alfie whistles in order to stop it. He tells them that Riley made a decision and that since she is studio head, they have to respect it, effectively diffusing the situation. Riley is thankful that Alfie has backed her up. Meanwhile, the bartender gives West and James Eldon's cellphone, having finally found it. West and James discover that Thalia has sent Eldon a text reading: "Are you in London?" James tells West to delete the message to which West begrudgingly complies. Eldon returns from the bathroom and is elated to see that his phone has been found. West nervously confesses that Thalia texted him but that he only deleted the message upon James' order. James admits that he did tell West to delete the message because Thalia is in Poland with some Tekbar—a name that Eldon dutifully corrects to Bartek—and that he needs to move on. West agrees by way of using a strange analogy about a donkey. Eldon realizes that the boys are right but still wonders why Thalia would text him, then leaves to purchase chocolate.

Riley alfie season 4 nfbm

Alfie tells Riley that whatever she says goes.

Riley approaches Alfie at the bench before the cubbie in Studio A. She thanks Alfie for standing up for her, but Alfie tells her that he doesn't believe she made the right decision and only stood up for her because he didn't like the way the others were ganging up on her. Riley is in disbelief that Alfie doesn't agree with her because there is a chance that the team could have lost him and that she doesn't want that to happen. Alfie tells her that he doesn't want her to lose him either and that he could never leave her. Riley departs and confesses that she feels like she made a huge mistake.


  • The winner of the second Regionals qualifier will be allowed to steal a dancer from someone else's team.
  • The Next Step Dance Studio is no longer competing at the second qualifier.
  • Gemini Dance Studio have given up their spot at Regionals in order to compete in the second qualifier and the chance to steal a dancer from a rival studio.
    • The Gemini originally were looking to steal Alfie, although since The Next Step pulled out they must chose a different dancer to steal.



  • One of the twins from Gemini Dance Studio specifically calls out Alfie, although he has never been formally acquainted with him and should therefore not know his name. However, it is possible he recognized Alfie from the previous Internationals, as he was a soloist and the competition was available to watch online.
  • It is confirmed in this episode that Gemini Dance Studio have given up their spot at Regionals in order to compete at the second qualifier. In order for there to continue to be eight teams at Regionals, it can be presumed that whichever team placed fifth at the first qualifier would automatically qualify. At the end of "Simple Twist of Fate", The Next Step Dance Studio is shown to have been bumped down to fifth place by Dance Extreme, making it a possibility that The Next Step would have been the ones to qualify in the absence of Gemini; however, it is never confirmed that Dance Extreme were the last team to perform at the qualifier, meaning yet another team may have scored higher than The Next Step before the end of the competition. Whether this is what happened is neither confirmed nor resolved by the show.

Cultural references

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Led Zeppelin.





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