West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Whichever team wins tomorrow gets to steal a dancer from another studio.

Riley, to the quintet

Dude. You know your feet are by my pillow where my head goes right?

West , to James

Manners, James! I don't come to your house and put my dirty shoes on your pillow. Except for that one time.


I want to put my finger on the pulse of what's hip-hop-happening in London.

West , to Eldon

Every picture I have of me and Thalia is on that phone. I can't lose that.


I don't know why Eldon's so stressed out about his phone. He loses things all the time: lucky coin, girlfriends. Seriously, he should be used to it by now.


James: It's gonna take forever.
Eldon: James?
James: Yeah.
Eldon: I don't care if all of existence has ceased to be, I don't care if every peach on the planet has dried up, I don't care if every glacier has melted. I need that phone.
West: If every glacier on the planet melted, there would be a lot of water for the peaches, so I don't think they'd—
Eldon: I don't care! I need the phone.

First male twin from Gemini: We're just doing some window shopping.
Second male twin from Gemini: We're wondering who we're gonna steal.
First male twin from Gemini: 'Cause we're planning to win tomorrow and we wanna try to figure out who we're gonna poach.

Alfie! You look like our dancer Georgie. He helped us beat you at the first qualifier.

Second male twin from Gemini

Amanda: I heard about the competing team. The twins. They're threatening us. Everybody's freaking out. What are you doing in the Lounge?
Noah: Uh, it's just-It's just what I do. I like to lounge after a dance, you know?
Amanda: You're icing your back?
Noah: Not just my back! I like icing my face and my ears.

Amanda: Noah, promise me you'll tell me if your back gets worse.
Noah: I promise.
Amanda: Do you know what a promise means?
Noah: Yes.
Amanda: [Slaps Noah's shoulder.] That means you have to tell me if it gets worse!

Amanda: There's another qualifier. We still have a shot at making it to Regionals.
Michelle: Honestly, Amanda, I think you're being very selfish. You probably just don't want to risk losing Noah.

Sure, Amanda's right. I am being selfish. But, I don't really care because I have worked so hard to be on this team and no one is going to take this away from me.


Eldon: Can I bother you again?
Bartender: Again? What's up this time?
Eldon: I was wondering: can you check for me one more time?
Bartender: Look, the phone is not here. If the phone was here, would've found it.
Eldon: Most likely. But have you checked every little nook and cranny and crevice, 'cause like—?
Bartender: Look, you know what? I've got a business to run and this is really annoying. I'm just fed up with you kids and your jeans and your wi-fi and your texting. The phone's not here! If the phone was here, as I said, would have seen it!
Eldon: 50 pounds if you go look for it right now.
Bartender: Done.

Richelle: Oh, we see it from your side alright. You have no faith in us at all. You just think we're gonna lose.
Riley: That is not true, Richelle. I do not think we're gonna lose.
Richelle: I can't believe this!

Riley: Guys, look. There's still one more qualifier, okay? One more chance.
Amy: Yeah, exactly one! You know, they only take one team from the final qualifier. They take three teams from this one.

[Whistles.] Hey! Settle down. She made a decision. It's not an easy one, but someone has to, right? She's studio head. Captain of this ship. And whatever decision she makes, we have to respect it.

Alfie , to Noah, Amy, and Michelle

West: It's a text message from-from Thalia.
James: 'Are you in London?' Delete that.
West: Delete it?
James: Delete it.
West: I'm not gonna delete this. This is not... that's not honest. It's not true. You gotta show him.
James: West, there is not enough chocolate in the world right now for this text message. Okay? Just-just delete it.

West: Definitely no text messages from Thalia... I mean, there was, but it's not there anymore.
James: West, are you serious?
Eldon: What-what do you mean it's not there anymore?
West: James told me to delete it. I told him 'no', but you know, he just insisted.
Eldon: Oh, really?
West: Yeah.
James: Yes. Yes, I told him to delete it okay? Because Thalia is in Poland with some Tekbar guy—
Eldon: Bartek.
James: Sorry. Bartek. Regardless, they're in Poland, probably feeding each other Polish food right now on a date. I'm sorry, you wanted honesty? Let's be real, okay. You need to move on.

Eldon, there's a saying: a donkey doesn't hit his hoof on the same rock twice. Don't be more stupid than a donkey.


Riley: If you didn't think I made the right decision, then why'd you stand up for me?
Alfie: I didn't like the way they were ganging up on you. Whatever you say goes. That's how A-Troupe works.
Riley: I can't believe you don't get it. I did what I did because the other team said they were gonna take you. You're our best dancer, I can't lose you.