"Nobody's Perfect" is the 30th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 124th episode overall. It aired on December 16, 2016. It is the 2016 winter finale of Seasn 4 on Family Channel.


"Riley and Alfie have their first date and it does not go well. Noah takes a big step in his relationship with Amanda."[1]


In her office, Riley calls James to thank him for dancing at the qualifier. James answers the call while waiting for his flight at the airport. The conversation is shorter than Riley expected it to be and she supposes that it is finally time to move on.

Riley alfie season 4 np

Alfie asks Riley out on a date.

Alfie enters Riley's office and asks her out on a date to celebrate the team's victory at the qualifier. Once Riley agrees, Alfie tells Riley to meet him later in Studio A and to dress nicely. Riley confesses that this is the perfect way to move on.

In the Rehearsal Room, Amanda, Michelle, and Amy attempt to rehearse their Regionals trio, although Michelle is unfocused and makes frequent mistakes. Michelle confesses she feels she is under some pressure after being assigned both the solo and the trio. Amanda confronts Michelle, and she apologizes but also claims that she needs to focus on the solo, since the trio is only a byproduct of not qualifying past the solo round. Amy confesses that she understands Michelle's stance, but that the trio round is sudden death; if the team ends up there, their trio must be perfect. Michelle urges Amanda and Amy to go to Java Junction for a few minutes, after which she will be ready.

Amy richelle amanda season 4 np 2

Richelle suggests that she fill in for Michelle in the trio.

At Java Junction, Amy and Amanda discuss their wariness about Regionals. Richelle approaches them about their trio and suggests that she fill in for Michelle momentarily. Amanda and Amy agree, realizing that they cannot wait around for Michelle.

Sloane waits in the corridor leading to Studio A, clad in a waitress uniform. Once Riley arrives, Sloane greets Riley in French and directs Riley to her date with Alfie in Studio A. Alfie awaits Riley with a rose and tells Riley that their date will be in the studio; this gives Riley a serious case of déjà vu, since Riley's last date with James was also in Studio A.

Noah amanda season 4 np 2

Noah tells Amanda that he loves her.

Noah waits for Amanda in Java Junction. Noah confesses that he needs to tell Amanda that he loves her. Once Amanda arrives, Noah rambles on about how much he loves her. Amanda is left ovewhelmed and exits the store without resounding the sentiment, concerning Noah.

As Riley and Alfie seat themselves, Alfie tells Riley that he could have taken her to Rome, Paris, New York or a fancy restaurant across town, but that he elected to taking her some place meaningful. Sloane hands Riley her appetizer, which is Russian caviar all the way from Paris. Riley enjoys the dish and deems it far superior to baloney sandwiches, which confuses Alfie. Riley cannot stop thinking about her past date with James, and deems the current date to be sweet, but also overwhelming.

Michelle notices that Richelle has entered the Rehearsal Room with Amanda and Amy. Michelle pulls Richelle aside privately. Michelle deems Richelle as selfish for attempting to take her spot in the trio, but Richelle assures Michelle that she is looking out for the studio more than she is. When Michelle claims that she needs to spend more time on the solo, Richelle assures Michelle that she needs to give both of her routines an equal amount of attention. Michelle realizes that Richelle is right.

Riley alfie season 4 np 2

Alfie watches Riley run off.

Meanwhile, Riley and Alfie slow dance to a tune played by a professional violinist, during which Riley's memories of her date with James intensify to the point that she breaks down into tears. Riley eventually runs out of the room as Alfie looks on in confusion.

Alfie mopes in Java Junction about the failed date. Piper notices Alfie and decides that it time to put her bad feelings behind her. Piper congratulates him on the qualifier, then apologizes, and he accepts her apology. Piper notes Alfie's sadness, after which he explains the situation. Piper tells Alfie that Riley reacted the way she did because, before James left for London, he and Riley had a date in Studio A. Piper urges Alfie to talk to Riley.

Amy, Amanda, and Michelle rehearse their trio, with Michelle wholly focused on the routine. Once the three finish their routine, Amanda and Amy leave, although Michelle stays behind to do some more dancing. Michelle realizes that to make both the solo and trio work, she cannot have breaks until after Regionals.

Noah amanda season 4 np 5

Amanda tells Noah that she wants to be sure when she tells him she loves him.

Amanda approaches Noah in Java Junction, who is pacing unhappily since he told Amanda that he loves her and she did not say the same to him. Once Noah is seated, Amanda tells Noah that she does not want to say she loves him until she is sure, as he means too much to her for her to mess up their relationship. Noah tells Amanda to wink when she is ready to tell him that she loves him. Amanda confesses that Noah gets her, which is why she loves him, although she is not ready to tell him that yet.

Riley is hiding out in the Lounge. When Alfie enters the room, Riley apologizes to Alfie. Alfie asks Riley if she has ever had a date in the Lounge or if she has ever been read French poetry in the Lounge. When Riley says no to both, Alfie reads Riley a romantic French poem. After reading the poem, Alfie asks Riley if she has ever kissed anybody in that room before. When Riley responds negatively, Alfie kisses her. Riley confesses that if anybody can help her move on from James, it's Alfie.

In London, James arrives at his hotel room, where Eldon and West are asleep. West wakes up as James comes in, and after realizing that he is down in the dumps, suggests that they all get breakfast. James confesses that he is happy to be with the guys again.


  • The trio round at Regionals is a sudden death round, which a studio will only compete in if they lose the solo round.
  • Sloane and Alfie are fluent in French.
  • James has returned to London.



  • While the date Riley has in Studio A with James in "Walk This Way" is referenced, Riley fails to recall that their first date, which occurred in "First Date", was also in Studio A, and also doesn't recall them spending their anniversary there in "Put You First". However, it is possible that Riley merely forgot about both occasions, or that the memories of them were not triggered because they are less recent.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to songs of the same name by both Hannah Montana and Jessie J.





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