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"Now Is Our Time (Annabelle)" is a song that is featured in The Next Step but is originally from Lost & Found Music Studios.


If I could find some courage
And follow it down the path
If fate can make it happen
How do I make it last?

What am I waiting for?

Now is my time
Now is my time
Now it's my time to rise up
I'm tired of lying here on the floor
It's my time
To shine so bright, so light
Like never before (before, yeah)

My heart is like a prisoner of war
I can't give less, when I know I want more
And why can't I step through the door
If I'm ready to fly, if I'm ready to soar?

Now is my time
I'm ready to rise
I'm ready to shine
Now is my time
I've figured it out
I've figured it out

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