"Oh Brother! Why Art Thou Here?" is the 17th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 151st episode overall. It aired on November 22, 2017.


"Josh's brother pays him an unexpected visit at the studio. Zara is forced to choose between her passions. Heather and Piper take their hip hop to the next level."[1]


Noah leads A-Troupe in warm-up. While Piper is able to confess that Noah is doing well as dance captain, Richelle is opposed to Noah's direction. Emily and Michelle commend Noah as they oversee rehearsal from Studio A's office. They eventually discuss their upcoming qualifier video, for which Emily erroneously assumes that the team will be doing her choreography but, after Michelle reminds Emily of their co-studio head status, claims that they will figure something out.

Daniel and West have been put in charge of the video's choreography and gather the team around to disseminate their ideas. It is announced that the routine will have a small group section comprised of Ozzy, Kingston, Josh, and Amy. A female hip-hop solo will also be included, to Daniel's chagrin, for which Jacquie, Richelle, and Zara will vie. Piper is disappointed, having always considered herself strong at hip-hop. When Jacquie talks to Zara about how much commitment the solo promises, Zara realizes that she has to pick between math and dance. Richelle is particularly adamant about winning the solo, as she just lost her captaincy and is the only senior dancer of the three.

Josh finds Adam tricking with Amy, Kingston, and Ozzy in Studio 1, much to his surprise. After Amy, Kingston, and Ozzy compliment Adam, Josh asks Adam why he isn't in Springfield. When met with the dancers' confusion, Adam expresses his disbelief that Josh never told them that he is in triple A hockey. Adam admits that he had time off and just wanted to see how he was doing; Josh unenthusiastically resounds his peers' request that Adam sit on the bench as they rehearse. Josh is left still confused about why Adam isn't training and assumes the worst. Meanwhile, Richelle approaches Lola in Studio A and apologizes to her for blaming her for losing her captaincy. Lola accepts Richelle's request to be BFFs again, as well as her embrace, but confesses that she saw a side of Richelle she does not like.

Zara sits in Neutral Grounds, having quit the math team. She is joined by Marcus, her math enemy since grade 1. Marcus thanks her for quitting, as her departure has resulted in him becoming captain of the team. Zara begrudgingly hands over her badge to him, after which he proceeds to deride her for leaving the team, but Zara refuses to let it get to her. Before leaving, Marcus assures her that she will be crawling back in less than a month and condescendingly wishes her to have a good rest of the day. While she doesn't regret quitting, Zara hopes that she gets the solo to prove to herself that she made the right decision. In Studio A, Piper expresses her disappointment to Heather, who is practicing at the ballet barre, and tries to coerce her into practicing hip-hop with her. Even after trying out a few moves with Piper, Heather remains indifferent to hip-hop and her improvement in it. Piper leaves with the promise of return, confessing that she will find a way to convince Daniel and West to let herself and Heather audition for the solo.

Amy calls a break after a rehearsal with Kingston, Ozzy, and Josh. After Amy, Kingston, and Ozzy leave the studio, Adam advises Josh, but nonetheless compliments him. Although he is aware that Adam used to dance, Josh becomes fed up with his brother and confronts him. Adam admits that he got kicked off of the Springfield Coyotes, basically squandering his chances of making it onto the NHL. Although Josh feels bad, he is frustrated by Adam's condescension about his dancing and is sure that Adam will never understand his love for dance.

Piper approaches Heather with Henry in tow to help them with their hip-hop. Heather feels uncomfortable doing a style that is not her specialty, but admits that she is having fun. Upon Henry's compliments, Piper beckons Heather to go with her to Daniel and West for an audition, but Heather refuses. Piper realizes that she didn't realize Heather's unequal interest in the solo.

Zara, Jacquie, and Richelle rehearse the choreography for their audition in Studio A. Both Jacquie and Richelle are especially confident about their chances. Richelle tries to psyche out Zara and Jacquie to no avail.

Josh sits in Neutral Grounds, ignorant to Adam's whereabouts after storming off. Adam arrives suddenly and asks Josh why he didn't tell anyone he made the team, believing it to be due to jealousy. Although, Josh admits that he didn't want anyone to suspect that he was leaving and confesses that he genuinely feels badly for Adam. Nonetheless, Adam deems it a sign of not caring about his accomplishments. Adam sits down in melancholy and admits that he doesn't know how he will tell their parents. Josh suggests that they go to the studio and dance to release their energy.

Daniel and West enter Studio A, ready to watch Zara, Jacquie, and Richelle audition. As the girls audition, all of them confess their wishes to get the solo. Daniel and West are incredibly impressed by the audition and leave to confer.

Josh and Adam dance together in Studio 1, during which Josh confesses that Adam has a chance in dance if hockey doesn't work out. The dance works to bring them together.

Piper finds Heather reading a magazine in the locker room. Piper assures Heather that she was trying to help, but Heather assures her that she doesn't need it, claiming that Piper is attempting to be her own personal dance captain. Piper realizes that Heather is right; she is pushing hip-hop onto Heather as a way to exercise her previous tasks as dance captain since she misses the role. Piper realizes that she needs to figure out for herself where she fits in on the team.

Daniel and West reveal to the girls that Zara has won the solo. Zara is ecstatic, as this is her biggest role on the team thus far and proves that she was right in choosing dance over math. Richelle is left furious, believing that Zara is undeserving of the solo and claiming that she won't forget what took place.



  • The pink shirt Jacquie wears is identical to one Amanda wears in Season 4.
  • The red checkered shirt that Richelle ties around her waist is identical to one that Amanda wears in Season 4.
  • The blue checkered shirt that Zara wears is identical to one that Amy wears in Season 4.
  • The long black pants that Richelle wears are identical to a pair that Piper wears in Season 4.
  • Josh and Adam dancing out their troubles like they used to do as children is reminiscent of Piper and James doing the same in the deleted scene from "Danger Zone".




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