I really, really like you.

Noah, to Amanda

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"On the Rocks" is the 11th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 105th episode overall. It aired on April 22, 2016


"After the studio's defeat at the qualifier, Riley reconsiders her position as studio head. Noah and Amanda grow closer, but his back injury might get in the way."[1]


Riley season 4 otr 2

Riley looks at herself in the mirror.

Needing to figure some stuff out, Riley enters the rehearsal room. Upon entering, Riley stands before a mirror and contemplates upon how the team was counting on her and she failed them. She begins dancing during which she has flashbacks of the moments leading up to and soon after her becoming studio head. Riley confesses that she can't believe they lost the qualifier and asserts that Kate never lost a competition. After concluding her solo, Riley confesses that she has no idea where the team goes from there.

Michelle season 4 otr

Michelle tells Riley that she stepped down from being Dance Captain and was an alternate.

Riley is sitting in her office when Michelle enters. Riley tells Michelle that she feels horrible that the team, who has won Internationals, couldn't even make it to Regionals and claims that since she is the studio head, it is her fault. Michelle confesses that although she does not want to admit it, Riley is right. Michelle admits to Riley that it is her responsibility, which Riley appreciates since Michelle is being honest with her. Michelle goes on to tell Riley that she understands how overwhelmed she feels and that she once stepped down as Dance Captain and became an alternate, causing Riley to ask if Michelle thinks she should step down. Michelle explains that if she needed to, nobody would judge her. Upon Riley's thank you, Michelle leaves. Riley is left contemplating stepping down and wonders if the other dancers think she should.

Richelle skylar season 3 otr

Richelle reveals that Riley is M.I.A.

In the rehearsal room, Skylar asks Richelle where everybody is; Richelle tells Skylar that she doesn't know, but that she has been waiting for almost twenty minutes and Riley still hasn't come with the week's schedule. Skylar confesses that she thinks it is Riley's fault that they lost the qualifier and vows to find other dancers who feel the same way.

In the lounge, Noah is icing his back with frozen peas. Amanda abruptly enters and Noah throws the pack of peas at the curtain, claiming that he was trying to kill a daddy long legs. Wanting to know what is wrong with Noah, Amanda sits and asks Noah to take a seat. He does, albeit with a lot of effort, raising suspicion in Amanda. Amanda asks Noah what is wrong, knowing that Noah can perform the lift that he messed up at the qualifier in his sleep. Noah lies that he is okay, although confesses that he doesn't want to lie to her. Amanda tells Noah that if he needs anything she is there and attempts to hug him, but he moves away from her. Amanda confesses maybe they aren't as close as she thought they were.

Skylar sloane season 4 otr

Skylar talks to Sloane about Riley.

Skylar enters Java Junction and sits near Sloane. She begins talking about how upset she is about the loss at the qualifier and says that it wouldn't have happened under Kate's rule; Sloane agrees, admitting that she didn't expect A-Troupe to be the way it is. Skylar begins to badmouth Riley, making Sloane uncomfortable. Sloane leaves, having to go, and Skylar confesses that it is time to ask Riley to step down as studio head.

Noah is now lying on a pillow on the floor of the lounge, confessing that he can't stop thinking about how he lied to Amanda. Henry enters the room and plays human hopscotch around Noah, then sits on an adjacent chair. Henry asks him what he is doing, and Noah lies that he is merely counting tiles. Henry says that sometimes he likes to pretend that he is in a space capsule and that the ceiling tiles are craters that he can land on. Henry confesses that he does that when he has a problem, but that he has to eventually face them. Noah admits that he just lied to a girl because he doesn't want her to know about a secret he has. Henry asks Noah if he likes this girl, and Noah realizes that he does, in fact, like Amanda. Noah thanks Henry and leaves, and confesses that he needs to tell Amanda two things: that his back is injured, and that he likes her a lot.

Riley season 4

Riley cries as she listens to James's voicemail message.

In her office, Riley listens to a message on her phone from James. In the message, James congratulates Riley on qualifying for Regionals, causing her to cry because she let him down. Riley confesses that she thought the message would make her feel better, but that it only made her feel worse. She feels as though she let everybody who was counting on her down. As she cries, Alfie enters her office and immediately notices that she is distressed. He tells her that he knows that they'll pull through the loss of the qualifier and assures Riley that she is doing an incredible job. Riley confesses that it is nice knowing that Alfie believes in her. Alfie leaves soon after, and Riley is left looking at the closed door behind him.

Noah amanda season 4 otr 3

Noah and Amanda hold hands.

Amanda is doing homework in the lounge when Noah enters the room and greets her. Once Amanda is facing him, Noah begins speaking; he asks, hypothetically, if there was a girl he really, really liked and he has a big secret, if he could trust her. Amanda tells him that he could, and Noah goes on to tell her that he really, really likes her, to which she says that she really, really likes him but that she knows that isn't his big secret. Noah reveals that there is something wrong with his back, and a concerned Amanda immediately asks if he has seen a doctor. Noah assures her he'll sort it out, but tells her that she cannot tell anyone to which she begrudgingly agrees. Then, Noah holds Amanda's hand and asks her how many really's she likes him. Amanda answers with three, and Noah asserts that that is a lot of really's.

Skylar is now speaking to Cassie, assuring her that when Cierra was on A-Troupe, a loss like their's wouldn't have happened. Alfie, drinking from a mug, is watching the exchange. Cassie tells her that she'll see her at the meeting later and leaves. Skylar spots Alfie and ushers him over. Skylar tells him that she believes Riley to be the problem and Alfie is shocked, but agrees to attend Skylar's meeting to see what is really going on.

Riley james season 4 otr

Riley and James video-chat.

Riley gets a video call from James. As they speak, West and Eldon pester James and ask him if he wants juice; upon Riley's urgency, James eventually gets them to leave. Riley admits that they lost the qualifier and tells him that it is all her fault. James finds this laughable and asks her if she picked the best dancers to compete; she tells him that she did, but admits Noah was marking in rehearsal. James knows that that is unlike Noah and tells Riley that she needs to talk to him. James laughs and calls Riley cute, before telling Riley that he loves her. Riley tells him that she loves him too.

Skylar is with some of the other dancers in the midst of her meeting when Alfie enters. Alfie adresses the dancers about how they have been blaming Riley for everything tells them that they have to deal with issues as a team. Skylar rebukes him, but he confronts her. Eventually, the dancers begin to side with him, angering Skylar who believes that it is obvious that Riley is a poor leader. Skylar decides to hold off for now and leaves, but Alfie knows that he has only diffused the situation momentarily

Noah amanda season 4 otr

Amanda reacts to Noah telling the troupe that they like each other.

The dancers are warming up in Studio A, with Noah and Amanda making eyes at each other, when Riley realizes that she needs to step up. She finally exits her office and confronts Noah about his distraction at the qualifier. After some fumbling, Noah claims that he was distracted because he likes Amanda and Amanda likes him, shocking Amanda and the other dancers alike. Applause ensues, although Riley tells the team that they cannot let their personal relationships get in the way. Riley tries to encourage the team by telling them of their two other chances to qualify. She tells the team that they need to start acting like the best studio in the world, and the dancers concur. Wishing to show Riley what type of team they are, the troupe begins dancing in and outside of Riley's office. Although the dancers are having fun, Skylar confesses that she is still going to keep her eye on Riley. Amidst the dancing, Riley confesses that nothing is going to stop them.


  • This marks the first episode that James has told Riley that he loves her.
  • Noah and Amanda have told each other that they like each other.
  • Amanda knows about Noah's back injury.
  • A-Troupe is aware of Noah and Amanda's romantic relationship.



  • While performing her solo, Riley confesses that Miss Kate had never lost a competition, but a year prior to Season 1, A-Troupe lost Regionals.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode refers to a song by Nicole Scherzinger of the same name.




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