West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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It's like the cold soothes the pain, and the peas give you a little massage.


I was uh... I was killing a spider. A big daddy long legs.

Noah , to Amanda

The Next Step deserves better than this. If people agree Riley's the problem, maybe we can do something about it.


And have you noticed that Riley's always in her office? She never even comes out to see us.


We need a leader to get us to Regionals. And it's obviously not her.


I think it's Riley's fault we lost the qualifier. I saw something was wrong with Noah, but she didn't listen.


Look, I know the qualifier was a huge disappointment, but I know that we'll pull through. We're The Next Step. And you're doing an incredible job and I hope you know that. That's all I wanna say.

Alfie, to Riley

Hypothetically, if there was this girl that I really, really liked, I had this big secret, could I trust her with it?

Noah , to Amanda

Noah: Yeah... I really, really like you.
Amanda: I really, really like you too. But that's not your secret, is it?

That's not fair, Noah.


So... how many reallys do you like me?

Noah , to Amanda

I've waited so long to tell Noah how I feel. I always thought it would be amazing if we liked each other. I just never knew how amazing.


There's been a lot of talk about how somehow one person is responsible for a lot of what's gone wrong at the studio lately. We're a team. And we have to deal with issues as a team.

Alfie , to his teammates

Forget winning. Losing is when you prove that you really belong together. If we can stand by each other now, nothing will be able to shake us.


She's new to running the studio just like a lot of us are new to being a part of A-Troupe.

Alfie, to his fellow teammates

Ooh! Human hopscotch.


Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm in a little space capsule and the holes in the ceiling are little craters and I'm trying to land on the moon.


I only lie on my space capsule when I want to escape my problems. But sooner or later, we all gotta come back down to earth and deal.


Ah... you're cute.

James , to Riley

James: I love you.
Riley: Love you, too.