Riley: So... does it feel weird or is it just me?
Michelle: No, it's so weird. Things are gonna be so different this year on A-Troupe.
Riley: I know.
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"One More Time" is the 1st episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 95th episode overall. It is the Season 4 premiere. It aired on February 15, 2016.


After winning Internationals, The Next Step holds an open house for the influx of new dancers. Having won it all, some A-Troupe alumni wonder if A-Troupe is still their home.


Take it to the top a-troupe

The Internationals team poses during the beginning of their final dance together.

A-Troupe is performing a recreational group dance set to "Take It to the Top", reminiscing about their Internationals win and contemplating what they will do next. James and Riley confess how good they feel knowing that their duet ultimately resulted in the team's victory, but James admits that the band is his future now, and Riley says that it'll feel weird dancing without him. Stephanie reveals that she is moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career; Max explains that after breaking out of his shell at the studio, he has decided to go to university; Giselle asserts that she wants to do better things now; and Thalia says that she has been offered a place at Wojdan Dance Academy in Poland, and that she hopes Eldon will understand, although Eldon voices how he doesn't know how he can dance without Thalia, proclaiming that all their sweet spots have gone sour. At the end of the dance, the only dancers left—Cierra, West, Michelle, Noah, Riley, Eldon, and Amanda—pose together.

Michelle amanda riley season 4

Michelle proclaims that things are going to be so weird with all of the upcoming changes.

At the end of the dance, Eldon storms out of Studio A. Kate then explains that there will be an open house the following day, and that she needs them all to represent the studio well. West asks where Phoebe is, to which Kate explains that she has gone to swim with the turtles and walk with the tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. Kate then changes the subject by asking West to go see what's up with Eldon. Riley, Amanda, and Michelle converse about how odd things will be with all of the changes. Amanda then asks Riley how she feels about James not being in A-Troupe, to which Riley replies that she is fine, and that they've got to focus more on winning Regionals this year. Riley then exits Studio A, saying that she has to meet James. Giselle approaches Michelle and Amanda, and embraces them. She tells them that she's auditioning for a world dance tour; Amanda, still unsure if she belongs in A-Troupe, decides that she will audition with her, and despite Michelle's suggestion to do so, Amanda does not tell Kate.

Riley is sitting in Java Junction, waiting for James. When James enters, he immediately realizes that Riley is upset about all of the dancers who have left the studio, and fears that they will not be ready for Regionals. To reassure Riley, James states that several dancers have joined the team after Regionals. James kisses Riley's forehead before leaving to attend band practice. Alfie then enters Java Junction, and is immediately captivated by Riley, who he saw perform at Internationals since he was also there with his team. He introduces himself to her, and compliments Riley's winning duet. He explains that he's there to audition, making Riley feel reassured about the team's future.

Eldon season 4 2

Lit by West's phone, Eldon presents the 65% cacao that he is eating.

West enters a dark lounge and searches for Eldon, who is lying down on a couch, heartbroken about Thalia's departure, and eating 65% Costa Rican cacao. West says that the chocolate looks really good and asks for a bite, instantly causing him to rant about Costa Rica, igniting his wanderlust.

West meets Kate in the hallway and reveals that Eldon isn't taking Thalia's move to Poland very well. West reveals that he isn't physically in a good place either, and that he will not be re-auditioning for A-Troupe because he wants to travel, one of the hardest decisions he has ever made. Kate, fighting back tears, hugs West and assures him that there is nobody like him. West salutes a goodbye to Studio A.

Richelle dances to "Shining Lights", with Cassie watching her. Cassie explains that she got there early, hoping to see the caliber of dancing at the studio. Cassie says that Richelle is a little beast, impressed by her dancing. Amy then enters and asks Cassie whether she goes to this studio or if she's new; she explains that she is there to audition. Richelle confidently confesses that if Cassie and Amy want to see her dance, they can. Richelle goes on to explain that there are only a few spots on A-Troupe, and that she is determined to make it. Amy and Cassie are left intimidated by Richelle's talent.


Henry shakes Eldon's hand.

Amanda and Michelle are in Studio A, adding the finishing touches to the open house. Kate confesses that she's very interested to see who is going to show up. Riley enters the studio with the Internationals trophy, waving it around and mocking the crowd. Michelle warns Riley to be careful since she broke the Nationals trophy last dance season, and Amanda tells her to put it down; Riley assures them that she had to teach 30 dance lessons to pay that off and that it will be fine. Riley tells the girls about how great it is that Giselle is doing the tour; Amanda and Michelle exchange looks, Amanda not wanting Riley to know that she is also auditioning for the tour. Eldon is lying on the floor in the Rehearsal Room, when Henry walks past and notices him, upon which he enters the room and introduces himself to Eldon. He asks him if he was on the Internationals team, to which Eldon concurs; Henry expresses how unreal he believed the team's dancing to be. Henry asks Eldon what is wrong, and Eldon says that his heart is broken. In response, Henry tells Eldon about his ex-girlfriend, Jacquie, who broke his heart, causing Henry to hide away and eat gummy bears; Eldon says he did the same thing, but with chocolate. Eldon laughs for the first time with Henry, realizing that he can get over his heartbreak. He decides to direct Henry to the open house.

Sloane and LaTroy, best friends who wish to audition for A-Troupe after seeing them perform at Internationals online, enter Java Junction where they recognize West. They introduce themselves to him and wonder if the fact that they are solely hip-hop dancers will affect their chances of qualifying; West admits that most dancers are versatile and can do a combination of ballet, acro, modern, jazz, and more, but assures them that they just have to stand out to make it. West decides to direct them to the open house. Eldon drops Henry off at the open house and thanks him for the pep talk; Henry wittily advises Eldon to lay off of the chocolate. As Eldon stands in the studio's doorway, he is met by Kate's gaze, and realizes that he is still unready to decide whether he will be auditioning for A-Troupe, and departs.

Riley noah season 4

Noah admits that he is nervous for the upcoming audition.

With the open house packed and in full swing, Riley converses with Noah about auditions. As they speak, Alfie enters, who Riley greets and introduces to Noah. Naturally, Alfie is already a fan of Noah, confessing that the blindfolded routine he was a part of was his second favourite dance, next to Riley's duet. Moments later, James arrives and hugs Riley; consequently, Riley introduces him to Alfie as her boyfriend, causing Alfie's countenance to drop. Noah suggests to show Alfie around. Sloane and LaTroy join the open house, with Sloane wishing to make a good impression. After introducing themselves to various alumni, Sloane and LaTroy land on Michelle, who is with Amanda and Cierra. Sloane asks her if she is new, although Michelle asserts that she has been at the studio for years and was an alternate on the Internationals team; shocked, Sloane rebukes with her disbelief that Michelle went all the way to Internationals and didn't even dance. Michelle is instantly offended, and Amanda vies for Michelle, telling Sloane that Michelle was Miss Nationals Soloist. Sloane is left mortified and embarrassed at unintentionally offending an A-Trouper. LaTroy, wishing to erase Sloane's blunder, begins dancing in the middle of the floor, eventually resulting in everybody joining in. As James and Riley dance, Riley notices who she claims to be the last person she would expect to see, traipsing through the front doors of Studio A. Riley draws James's attention to the individual, asking him what his little sister, Piper, is doing there. As the two gawk at the unlikely figure, Piper approaches James and asks him if the auditions are in there. A gobsmacked James confesses that his sister is not ready for The Next Step.



Cultural references

  • The title of the episode refers to a song by Daft Punk of the same name.




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