West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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I mean, where do we even go from here? The galaxy? The universe?


Winning Internationals. Me and Riley. Nothing can top that.


But it's time to move on. I'm in a band now and that's my future.


Now that we've won Internationals, I feel like I've accomplished everything that I've wanted to do as a dancer. I've decided to move to Los Angeles to fulfill my dream of becoming an actor.


I'm done. Time to move on to the next chapter: university. I'll miss everyone from A-Troupe, but I know I'll always have a home here. I think The Next Step has really helped me to break out of my shell.


I never imagined I'd be an Internationals winner, but The Next Step made my dreams come true. I can't wait to see what comes next.


It was great that we won, but I was an alternate last year. Miss Kate didn't think I was good enough to be on the team and to be honest, I don't know if A-Troupe is where I belong anymore.


As the Dance Captain, I took our team to victory at the highest level and now I'm ready for new challenges.


I just hope Eldon understands that I need to follow my heart.


I don't know if I can dance without Thalia. All the sweet spots we found together have gone sour.


I am at the top of my game but I definitely do have the travel bug.


I had a really hard time last year. My parents got divorced, I lost my focus, and I lost my spot on the team. I don't ever want to be an alternate ever again. I was Miss Nationals Soloist. Twice. I need to get back to that level.


Riley: So... does it feel weird or is it just me?
Michelle: No, it's so weird. Things are gonna be so different this year on A-Troupe.
Riley: I know.

Riley: Can I help you?
Alfie: Yes. Uh, I'm Alfie.
Riley: Oh. Riley.
Alfie: Nice to meet you. I know, um, I saw you at Internationals.
Riley: Oh cool.
Alfie: I was on a different team, but your duet was unbelievable.

Sad Eldon is harder to find that happy Eldon. Or nervous Eldon. Or mad Eldon, or even hungry Eldon.


West: Are you in here, man?
Eldon: No.
West: There you are. Man, everybody's asking where The Next Step's Internationals male soloist is.
Eldon: You can tell them that he's laying here drowning in unimaginable sorrow eating 65% cacao chocolate from Costa Rica.

West: You know what? I heard in Costa Rica you can pick lychees right off the trees and eat them. And there's waterfalls that you can actually swim in.
Eldon: West, do you remember I'm laying here in unimaginable pain?
West: Oh, that's right. Sorry.
Eldon: Do you remember that my girlfriend moved to Poland to be closer to a guy named Bartek?

I have a hole in my heart too and it's too big for 65% cacao.


Kate: How's Eldon doing?
West: He's not in a good place.
Kate: What's wrong?
West: Just the circulation in the Lounge... it's really funky. It's kind of bad.
Kate: I meant emotionally.

I just found out that other than this country, everything is international.

West , to Kate

There is no one else out there like you.

Kate , to West

Riley: Haaa!
Amanda: What are you doing?
Riley: Haaaa!
Amanda: Oh, you're clearing your throat?
Riley: No! Clearing my throat sounds like [unintellegible noises]. This is the crowd cheering 'cause we just won Internationals.
Michelle: Okay, yeah, you might wanna be careful because remember when you broke the Nationals trophy?
Amanda: Uh, put it down.
Riley: Okay. I got that fixed, alright? I had to teach 30 dance classes in order to pay it off, but I did it, so it's fine.

Henry: A broken heart is one of the greatest pains anyone can bear. I once liked this girl. Her name was Jacquie. Thought about her all the time...she made my whole life better. And then we broke up. And I thought it was the end of the world.
Eldon: I know exactly how that feels.
Henry: Yeah.
Eldon: How did you survive it?
Henry: I hid away and ate a lot of gummy bears.

I can't solve all of my problems with 65% cacao. I need 65% more hope.


So you went all the way to Internationals and you didn't even get to dance?

Sloane, to Michelle

Hey! James, is this where they're holding the auditions?


What is my sister doing here? Piper is not ready for The Next Step.