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An unnamed painting teacher briefly teaches Michelle.


Before the Show

The painting teacher went through teacher's college, became a teacher, and was hired at her current placement.

Season 2

The painting teacher critiques Michelle's art on more than one occasion.[1][2]


The painting teacher is very tranquil and calm; even when giving criticism, she does so in a tone that is pleasing to the ear. She seems to enjoy art, as she has extensive knowledge on the subject, although this makes her very dismissive of the amateur works that her students create, displayed when she downgrades Michelle's painting of a tree to that of broccoli.[1] Although, she can acknowledge true artistic prowess, as seen when she compliments Michelle on her painting in a later episode.[2]

Physical appearance

The painting teacher has dark thick curly hair, an olive complexion, and piercing blue eyes.


The painting teacher wears comfortable clothing such as slim-fitted shirts and long wool sweaters.


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Season 2


  • This character is never given an actual name, though she is officially credited as "Painting Teacher."
  • It can be safely assumed the painting teacher's title is 'Miss' (see Infobox above), as she does not wear a wedding ring.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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