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Much of The Next Step fandom "ships" certain pairings, meaning that they vie for certain individuals pairings being together.

Some of these pairings are "canon." This means that these pairings are officially recognized couples on the show. There are pairings that are also formerly canon, meaning that they once were canon but broke up or ended their relationship. Other pairings are "non-canon," meaning that these pairings are not officially together on the show. Non-canon pairings can range from "baited"—the couple may eventually become official, or there are scenes that suggest they are an official couple—to "crack ships"—a non-canon pairing that is exceptionally outlandish and will likely never become official.

Pairings are often the source of passionate debate within the fandom, in which different Steppers vie for their pairings and sometimes claim theirs to be the one that is superior. This is especially prominent with pairings that contain James and Riley.

Pairings are usually referred to with portmanteau names that combine the names of the characters involved and, less commonly, a "/" between the names of the characters involved.



  • Marry me

    Arthur struggles to say his vows while getting married to Kathy.

    Arthur and Kathy – known as "Arthy" – is the only canon pairing to be married. Arthur and Kathy meet through Deborah and eventually get engaged. Despite the number of unlucky incidences that seem like they will get in the way of their wedding, such as their differing viewpoint on cats, Arthur and Kathy successfully marry.[1]
    Ben Nick season 4 episode 2 extended dance

    Ben and Nick stand beside each other, which is the extent of their contact.

  • Ben and Nick – known as "Beck" – is the first LGBT+ pairing on the show, of which is introduced in "Stir It Up." Despite this feat, many have complained that Ben and Nick's subtle, almost non-existent interactions and short screen time, counteract the pro-activeness of the gay pairing. Such has lead many to believe that she show runners are doing so under the guise of child-friendliness, although the show-runners have publicly stated that how far this pairing/theoretical future gay pairings will go is solely based on the comfort of the actors.
  • Henry and Summer – known as "Hummer" – is a canon pairing that is semi-popular. Out of sympathy for Amy rejecting Henry's promposal, Summer asks Henry to prom.[2] Shortly as this, they begin dating.[3] Fans seem to be split between Henry dating Summer or Amy.
  • Acigc riley james (3)

    James and Riley kiss.

    James and Riley – known as "Jiley" –  is the most popular pairing on the show, the one with the most longevity, and the only pairing with an official song (namely, "We Go"). Support for this pairing arose as early as after the airing of "Get the Party Started," when Stephanie suggests that Riley is blushing upon seeing James audition. James consistently flirts with Riley and gains genuine feelings for her, of which she eventually reciprocates. Riley promises James that if he scores a 70% on a math test, she will go on a date with him, which eventually comes into fruition.[4] "First Date" marks their first date and kiss, and "We Are Family" marks the official start of their relationship. Although Jiley becomes official, their relationship is eventually threatened by Beth, James' ex-girlfriend who still has feelings for him. Riley catches James and Beth kissing one day while practicing a duet, and eventually breaks up with him.[5][6] Jiley's break-up sparked anger within the fandom, with some Steppers even threatening to stop watching the show if they did not get back together; the fact that their break-up lasted for so long did not help the situation. Jiley eventually gets back together after James finishes a list to gain Riley's trust again thus mending a large sever that had formed within the fandom.[7] Their relationship continues with only a few minor predicaments until Alfie arrives and James goes to London for Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza.[8][9] Riley clearly begins to harbour feelings for Alfie, but tries to fight them until she kisses Alfie.[10] Despite Riley's remaining love for James, and James forgiving Riley for cheating on him, Riley eventually breaks up with James to begin a relationship with Alfie.[11][12] Yet again, a sever was created within the fandom, with Steppers threatening to stop watching the show. Although James and Riley eventually reconcile[13] and James later gives Riley a promise ring,[14] criticism of the pairing remains. Many Steppers have complained that the show focuses too much on Jiley and ignores other main characters on the show, while others criticize Jiley for its seemingly toxic portrayal, especially due to its consumption by a younger audience.
  • Latroy sloane season 5 bnw

    LaTroy spins Sloane.

    LaTroy and Sloane – known as "Lasloane" – were best friends for years before becoming a canon pairing. Sloane finds herself jealous when LaTroy outlines his future date with Amy, but cannot seem to pinpoint why. Henry assures LaTroy that this envy is due to Sloane liking him as more than a friend, which Sloane eventually admits.[15] A fissure forms in their relationship since LaTroy does not reciprocate these feelings and goes on to date Amy, and the two eventually stop being friends altogether. The two eventually reconcile while LaTroy is away renovating a farmhouse with his dad.[16] It is this distance that causes LaTroy to rethink his relationships with Sloane and Amy. When LaTroy returns, he comes to realize that he does like Sloane as more than a friend. After Sloane gets disqualified from Regionals, LaTroy is the first to comfort her, and it is during this time that LaTroy admits he loves Sloane.[17] LaTroy eventually breaks up with Amy to be with Sloane, the two kiss, and Lasloane becomes canon.[14]
  • Eldon thalia season 4 hcym

    Thalia and Eldon kiss after Eldon comes to and admits his love.

    Thalia and Eldon – known as "Theldon" – is a canon pairing, albeit one that is not necessarily popular. It is initially hinted that Eldon and Thalia have feelings for each other when Eldon shows Thalia his sweet spot in "You Love Me," and their feelings are confirmed in Season 3. Despite the two clearly liking each other, they cannot date until Eldon masters 30 pirouettes, as stated in an agreement he made with James earlier in the hopes that his next relationship would have longevity. The agreement is eventually scrapped in favour of Eldon being able to date Thalia if he wins the turning competition at Internationals. Eldon's victory marks the beginning of his relationship with Thalia.[18] When Thalia leaves for Poland to tour with Wojdan Dance Academy, Eldon is sure that she has left him to be with Bartek and is left heartbroken.[19] He attempts to forget about Thalia, but finds this difficult when she tries to contact with him while he is in London. Eldon goes into a panic when Thalia texts him that she is visiting him in London and is left speechless when she arrives. When Eldon professes his heartbreak, Thalia assures him that she never broke up with him and went to Poland to reconnect with her heritage. She also tells him that she loves him at which Eldon faints from shock. When he comes to, he immediately tells Thalia that he loves her too and the two share a kiss.[20] Theldon is a particularly miraculous pairing, as it appears to be the pairing involving Eldon that will finally last. This is the source of much chagrin for Micheldon shippers, who believed that Eldon would eventually get back with Michelle. In addition to this, some Steppers oppose Theldon because it is an interracial relationship.


  • Chiley

    Charlie and Riley stand beside each other.

    Charlie and Riley – known as "Chiley" – is a short-lived relationship that occurs after Riley breaks up with James in Season 2. In an attempt to get over James, Riley attempts to flirt with Charlie since he is cute and a talented musician. Although she fails miserably, Charlie still asks her out on a date. It is during this date that Riley discovers how superficial and air-headed Charlie is, even comparing him to Beth herself.[21] Nonetheless, Riley still decides to hang out with Charlie further.[22] It is unknown when Charlie and Riley break up, but it obviously occurs, considering that Riley eventually resumes dating James.
  • Eldony kiss

    Eldon and Emily kiss.

    Eldon and Emily – known as "Eldony" – is a formerly canon pairing that dissolved upon the rise of Micheldon. Eldon has had a crush on Emily for years before the beginning of the series, although Emily has never reciprocated these feelings. Eldon constantly asks Emily out, which she just as consistently refuses. One day, Eldon tries to ask Emily out with cue cards and music, but only works to embarrass Emily; Emily rips Eldon's cue cards and assures him she would never date him.[23] Emily begins to regret her harsh reaction to Eldon's gesture and eventually reconciles with Eldon. The two begin to spend time together, during which Emily develops romantic feelings for Eldon. While comforting Emily about being in the back row of the dance routine, Eldon and Emily kiss, thus commencing their relationship.[24] When Emily leaves for Elite Dance Academy, Eldon and Emily's relationship begins to dissolve. While Emily remains crazy about Eldon, Eldon begins to develop feelings for Michelle in Emily's absence. When Emily returns to The Next Step Dance Studio, she becomes suspicious of Eldon and Michelle, but believes it to be nothing more than paranoia. Emily eventually realizes that Eldon really does want to be with Michelle, which is only confirmed when she confronts him before their final routine at Regionals. It is at this moment that Eldon breaks up with Emily.[25]
  • Beth james season 2 4

    Beth and James kiss.

    James and Beth – known as "Jeth" – is a formerly canon pairing. James and Beth dated before the show, but broke up when James advanced to A-Troupe.[26] Although, the pairing reemerges after Beth kisses James under Riley's watch.[27] After Riley breaks up with James, Jeth becomes canon.[28] While the relationship initially runs smoothly, their incompatibility becomes exceptionally clear to James as the relationship continues. Although, Beth's love for James never wavers and she is unable to understand when James attempts to break up with her on several occasions. James tries to get Riley back, while Beth remains blissfully unaware and in love, even regularly wearing an "I'm with James" shirt. It is Hunter who helps Beth see that James wants to be with Riley, not her. Beth, while heartbroken, ultimately decides to let James go because although she loves him, he loves Riley more.[29] While fans were definitely not keen on Jeth due to it standing in the way of Jiley, it did have a cult following, and did not inspire nearly as much in-fandom friction as Ralfie.
  • Ebttrt latroy kisses amy

    Amy and LaTroy share their first and only kiss.

    LaTroy and Amy – known as "LaTamy" – is a formerly canon pairing that ends when LaTroy decides he wants to be with Sloane. LaTroy and Amy initially bond when Amy helps him with a contemporary combo.[30] Their chemistry becomes clear to them as they spend more time together, and LaTroy eventually asks Amy out on a date. Even though Sloane has feelings for LaTroy, LaTroy and Amy still go on with their relationship.[31] LaTroy's time at the farmhouse makes him question his relationships with Amy and Sloane and, when he returns, it is clear he does not care for Amy as much as he used to. Amy does not notice this at all, and continues to feel strongly for LaTroy. Amy and LaTroy eventually kiss, after which Amy tells LaTroy she loves him. LaTroy says the same to her, but confesses that he doesn't feel like he does.[17] Realizing he actually loves Sloane, LaTroy eventually breaks up with Amy to be with her.[14]
  • Amy and Ty is a formerly canon pairing that lasted a very short time from "Ty'd to You" to "Little Big Lies". They start dating after Amy and Henry realize that their relationship has gone through too much turmoil for them to start dating.[32] Their relationship fails due to Amy prioritizing dance over their relationship.[33]
  • Eldon michelle season 4 episode 16 flashback

    In a flashback, Michelle and Eldon stand with their faces mere inches apart from a possible kiss, one of which never occurs throughout their entire relationship.

    Michelle and Eldon – known as "Micheldon" – is a formerly canon pairing that many Steppers still ship and is the only canon pairing that never shared a kiss. Support for Micheldon arose when Michelle begins developing feelings for Eldon while he is in a relationship with Emily. Eldon eventually begins harbouring feelings for Michelle and promises her that he will break up with Emily to be with her.[34] Surely enough, Eldon does as promised and Micheldon becomes canon, but not without major ramifications within the storyline.[25] The birth of canon Micheldon reignites animosity between Michelle and Emily. Additionally, Hunter, a boy Michelle had a crush on in Madison returns with the intention of rekindling his feelings for Michelle, acting as another obstacle in the relationship.[35] Without Michelle's knowledge, Eldon and Hunter have a dance battle for Michelle, with the winner being the one who will get to be Michelle's boyfriend, and the loser being the one who has to back off of Michelle. Eldon loses the dance battle, causing him to ignore Michelle with no explanation to her as to why.[36] Fed up, Michelle eventually confronts Eldon about his behaviour, which ends in Eldon breaking up with Michelle.[37] The break-up sparked anger within the fandom; most of this anger has cooled down, although many fans still ship the couple. Michelle and Eldon have since become friends, although Michelle later admits that at one point, she was in love with Eldon.[38] Some Micheldon fans vehemently hate Eldon's current relationship with Thalia due to their wish for Micheldon to be canon once more. Some of this criticism is rooted in racism as well, since Thalia is biracial, while Michelle is white, like Eldon is.
    Huntmily kiss ytotiw

    Hunter and Emily kiss.

  • Hunter and Emily – known as "Huntmily" – is a formerly canon pairing. The possibility of this pairing arises when Emily deems Hunter "cute" upon meeting him, although true romantic feelings between the two do not start until much later. Emily and Hunter become partners in crime in a deceptive plan to get their respective partners, Eldon and Michelle, back.[39] In the process, Emily begins to like Hunter and becomes envious that the plan is working in his favour. Although, after a poor date with Michelle, Hunter comes to realize that he actually wanted to be with Emily all along. The two share a kiss and Hunter tells Michelle that he wants to be with Emily, officially making their relationship canon, albeit short-lived.[40][41] After discovering that Amanda is a mole, Emily tries to gain Amanda's trust so that she can foil her plan, which proves to be difficult. But, after realizing how much Emily cares for Hunter and vice versa, Amanda forces Emily to break up with Hunter to gain her trust.[42] Begrudgingly, Emily breaks up with Hunter under the lie that they just do not work together and their relationship ends.[29] While the break-up made fans sad, it did not necessarily spark outrage; outrage began when it became apparent that the two would not reconcile even after Amanda is publicly exposed as a mole. The fact that Hunter and Emily never so much as spoke to each other again after their break-up, in favour of Emily trying to initiate a relationship with West, left many fans without closure.
  • Acigc noah amanda henry (2)

    Noah and Amanda share their last kiss.

    Noah and Amanda – known as "Nomanda" – is a formerly canon pairing, albeit an extremely unlikely one. Noah and Amanda bond over recording a song together, after which Amanda comes to realize that she has feelings for Noah.[43] Even Amanda recognizes how odd such an attraction is.[9] As Amanda and Noah spend more time together, Amanda's feelings for Noah only grow, although nothing of Noah's feelings is made clear to the audience until "On the Rocks." Much to his confusion, Noah feels guilty after lying to Amanda about his back injury, and comes to realize this guilt is a result of him liking Amanda. Noah confesses as much to Amanda and the two begin their relationship.[44] Many of Noah and Amanda's peers have commented on how strange their relationship, but this does not deter them from being together. Noah is initially very wary of kissing Amanda for fear of messing it up, but eventually gains enough courage and the two kiss.[45] Additionally, Noah eventually admits to Amanda that he loves her, which she says back some time later.[46][47] Although, the two eventually break up for unclear reasons.[48] Nomanda is a pairing that many Steppers opposed. Some are Nochelle shippers who believed this pairing to be standing in the way of Noah and Richelle being together. Others believed the ship to be inappropriate, as Amanda appears physically older than Noah – even though the show-runners have officially commented that they are both high school-aged, this has not deterred Steppers from believing the pairing to be predatory. A small minority also believed this pairing to be abusive, due to Amanda's apparent coddling of Noah and the fact that Amanda has hit Noah.[49] Despite this criticism, Nomanda is still a popular pairing, possibly even due to its oddities.
  • Jacquie noah season 5 12h

    Jacquie and Noah hold hands.

    Noah and Jacquie – known as "Noacquie" – is a formerly canon pairing. The two first meet at a ballet workshop and Noah immediately falls for Jacquie.[48] The feelings become reciprocated by Jacquie, making their feelings for each other mutual. Although, immediate action upon their feelings is halted because of Henry's unwillingness for his best friend, Noah, to date his ex-girlfriend. Jacquie is confused by Noah's cold feet, even more so after she tells Henry that he has to move on from her.[50] As a result, when Noah subsequently tries to pursue her, thinking that Henry has a girlfriend, he gets the cold shoulder. Noah eventually admits to Jacquie how he feels, which Jacquie resounds, beginning their relationship.[51] Among the fandom, his ship is moderately unpopular but does not receive as much hate from Nochelle shippers as Nomanda did. However, there are also fans who believe that Noah has feelings for Jacquie because she resembles Amanda, both physically and in her dance and Talking Heads outfits. Despite their relationship progressing with minimal arguments and trouble, Noah and Jacquie subsequently break up due to his leaving A-Troupe at the end of Season 6.[52]
Riley alfie season 4 sio 6

Riley and Alfie share their last kiss.

  • Riley and Alfie – known as "Ralfie"  – is a pairing that blossoms while James is in London. Alfie develops strong feelings for Riley, which she reciprocates. Although, Riley refuses to initiate a relationship with Alfie due to being studio head and James' girlfriend.[38] Nonetheless, Riley and Alfie kiss after Alfie performs a song for Riley.[10] During this time, Ralfie hangs in the balance between canon and non-canon, up until Riley officially breaks up with James.[53] While their relationships runs smoothly for a while, it eventually becomes clear that they have lost the spark that they once possessed. Thus, Alfie suggests that they go on a trip and tells Riley to meet him at the airport. As opposed to meeting Alfie at the airport, Riley takes a flight to London and reconciles with James without telling Alfie. Alfie waits at the airport for hours but, heartbroken that Riley is not showing up, takes the jet back to Switzerland.[13] This ship has been both met with visceral responses from Steppers; while the majority of Steppers do not ship Ralfie, many Jiley shippers defected into following Ralfie. Oddly enough, this ship awakened an anti-Jiley sentiment that was not nearly as present or strong before; some claimed it to be an omen that Jiley is toxic and should not reconcile, while others thought the rising of this pairing showcased that the writers care far more about recycling plotlines involving James and Riley than creating creative storylines.
  • Richelle and Elliot – known as "Richelliot"  – is a formerly canon pairing. Elliot leaves Richelle a bouquet of flowers and a card in her locker, which is the first indication that he may have feelings for her (and vice versa).[54] They subsequently start dating off-screen during The Off Season: Season 2.[55] Despite their relationship seemingly going well, Elliot breaks up with Richelle shortly before [[Absolute Dance Regionals/19th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals (Region 7)]|Regionals]] due to his moving to California and not believing that long-distance would work.[56]


  • Amy and Henry – known as "Hamy"  – is a non-canon pairing that has the potential to become canon in Season 6, during which they almost kiss. [57] Amy and Henry have been friends for some time and even performed a acro-hip-hop duet during the team's merged "Stand Up" dance. Henry is also the only one aside from Piper who tries to speak to Amy when she becomes a member of Gemini, even telling her that he misses her and referring to himself as "Henny Penny" which is an inside joke with Amy that even Piper does not understand.[58]
  • Finn and Richelle – known as "Finnchelle"  – is a non-canon pairing. Finn develops feelings for Richelle and asks Ozzy if she has a boyfriend, much to the latter's dismay.[59]
  • Giselle and West – known as "Gisest"  – is probably the second most popular non-canon pairing among Steppers. This pairing emerged after "Sing," during which the two spent the entirety of the episode together. It is here that their complimentary personalities became exceptionally clear, and the shipping of them truly began. Although the pairing has never been deemed official, there are small hints throughout the show that have caused some Steppers to believe they have a secret relationship. For example, when West reveals his last name, Giselle appears to be the only one unsurprised and nods as though this is something she already knew.[60] Additionally, Giselle and West are also often paired together in dance routines, and West is routinely seen lifting and spinning Giselle after winning rounds and competitions.[25][61] The show-runners, Brittany Raymond, and Jordan Clark have even stated that they think the pairing should be canon.[62][63]
  • John and Michelle – known as "Johnchelle"  – is a baited ship. On Lost & Found Music Studios, the ship is a major feature of the storyline, and it is during that show when it is revealed that Michelle and John both love each other. Despite this, nothing has become of their relationship after the series finale. They lack screentime in The Next Step, with a mere exchange of smiles in "The Edge of Glory." This ship remains without closure, due to the likely cancellation of Lost & Found Music Studios.
  • Michelle and Hunter – known as "Michunter" and, less commonly, "Huntchelle" – danced together at the same studio in Madison, Wisconsin, until Michelle moved away. While the two never initiated a relationship, it was mutually understood that they had feelings for each other. Hunter, wishing to be in a relationship with Michelle, moves with his family so that he can be at The Next Step Dance Studio with Michelle. Hunter is hurt to discover that Michelle has already moved onto Eldon and devises a plan to get her back with Emily's help.[39] The plan actually works, since Hunter shapes it to bring out Michelle's fatal flaw of jealousy. One day after hours, Michelle and Hunter rekindle a duet they performed back in Madison, which proves to be emotional for both of them. After the dance, Hunter admits to Michelle that he still likes her but, overwhelmed, Michelle rejects him, although Michelle comes to realize that she does have feelings for Hunter.[64] After her relationship with Eldon ends, Michelle accepts Hunter's offer to go on a date. Unfortunately, throughout the date, Michelle cannot help but talk about Eldon. Hunter comes to realize that too much time has passed between them and that he actually has feelings for Emily. Michelle is upset to find Hunter and Emily kissing and angrily confronts Emily about it, showcasing how much she cares for Hunter.[65][66] Michelle is heartbroken when Hunter tells her he wants to be with Emily, a fact which acts as a contributing factor for Michelle leaving the studio. Although their romantic relationship failed, Hunter and Michelle remain friends, even after Hunter returns to Madison.
  • Michelle and James – known as "Michames" and, less commonly, "Jamechelle" – is a non-canon pairing. When Michelle first arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio, the two immediately become friends and remain so until Michelle votes against Eldon for the Nationals male solo, angering James.[67] The two reconcile when James persuades Michelle to return to A-Troupe, by throwing a flash mob, which is successful.[7] In the pilot, Michelle and James harbour mutual romantic feelings, meaning that this relationship was meant to be canon. Among Steppers, Michames is relatively unpopular, due to it being a rival ship of Jiley.
  • Noah and Abi – known as "Noabi" – is a short-lived pairing that had the potential to be canon. Noah quickly becomes infatuated with Abi despite her being of a rival studio and is disheartened when he beats her in a dance battle.[68] He is elated when Abi becomes a member of B-Troupe and attempts to woo her, albeit awkwardly, whenever he can. Abi comes to develop feelings for Noah, but it oblivious to Noah's feelings for her and believes his awkwardness to be avoidance.[69] At the party before A-Troupe's departure to Miami for Internationals, Noah and Abi ultimately get to dance together. After the too subliminally confess their feeling for each other, Noah kisses Abi.[70] While this kiss should have marked the beginning of their relationship, it was the last scene in which they would be together. Abigail Bergman (Abi) was fired from the show due to running away from home.[71] After this action, Noabi and Abi herself were never mentioned again on the show. The two's romantic feelings for one another fade away.[72] Curiously, despite being a rival ship to Nochelle, this pairing did not receive nearly as much backlash from Nochelle shippers as Nomanda does.
  • Noah and Richelle – known as "Nochelle" and, less commonly, "Noelle" – is a non-canon pairing, but is arguably the second most popular pairing on the show, probably due to Briar Nolet (Richelle) and Myles Erlick (Noah) dating in real life. Nochelle fans can prove to be very vocal about their wish for Nochelle to become canon, which resulted in much distaste for Noah's previous relationships with Abi, Amanda and Jacquie. Noah and Richelle are also the only couple to ever have an episode named after their ship name.[57] Noah and Richelle have been best friends since their youth; they have danced together longer than they have with any one else and regularly perform duets together, most recently for 19th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals.[57] In Season 3, Richelle develops a crush on Noah, although it is not reciprocated, and Richelle eventually gets over her crush on Noah.[73][74] Nonetheless, Noah and Richelle remained best friends until Noah attempted to replace Richelle in a duet with Jacquie. However, it is clear that they know each other very well, as exemplified when Richelle confidently tells Amanda that Noah's always been a proud person. Richelle is also very concerned for Noah when he injures himself and is the only person other than Amanda who visits him at the hospital.[75] Noah is also the only person aside from Lola and Ozzy who expresses concern for Richelle's disappearance to the hospital after the filming of the Regionals qualifier video.[76] The depth of Noah and Richelle's platonic feelings for one another is revealed when Richelle is brought to tears at the prospect of Noah leaving A-Troupe and Noah tells Richelle that being and dancing with her since J-Troupe was the most amazing thing that he could ever have asked for.[57]
  • Ozzy and Richelle – known as "Ozzchelle"  – is a non-canon pairing. Ozzy has romantic feelings for Richelle, his dance teacher and even performs an imaginary duet with her.[77] Richelle does not reciprocate the feelings.
  • Ozzy and Winnie – known as "Winnzy"  – is a non-canon pairing. Winnie has a crush on Ozzy and even asks him to critique her dancing to help her, despite the fact that he has feelings for Richelle.[78]
  • Riley and Daniel – known as "Raniel"  – is a popular crack ship. Although there has been no hint whatsoever to the two having feelings for each other and the fact that the two barely interact, Raniel shippers have existed since Season 1.
  • West and Emily – known as "Westmily" – is a non-canon pairing that appeared as though it would become canon. After Emily breaks up with Hunter, she and West spend a lot of time together. Emily finds herself pleasantly surprised by West; she finds him slipping five dollar bills in books and making up conversations fro people from afar. West is also willing to spend time with Emily, happily accompanying her to attend a scarf at the mall and playing along when the cashier gives her a hard time.[79] West and Emily work together on the scavenger hunt at Nationals, which causes West to see a new side of Emily.[80] In "You Love Me," West finally asks Emily out and even shows her a book that provides an explanation as to why he likes her. After Emily gets injured, West is all the more fervent about winning the competition, but this time, for her. After the team's victory, West even runs up to Emily and kisses her.[81] Although all of the signs are there, nothing becomes of their relationship, due to Emily's injury. Although, they remain very close friends.[82] Even though they are not canon, Alexandra Beaton considers this her favourite pairing from the show.[83]
  • West and Daniel – known as "Westaniel"  – is a relatively popular crack ship. West and Daniel were both members of B-Troupe before the show, which is revealed in "Get the Party Started." Although, the pairing's following began sometime after in "Good Girls Go Bad." Daniel and West share the entirety of this episode together bickering playfully with one another and eventually creating a duet that is a fusion of their dance styles, ballet and hip-hop.[84] From then on, West and Daniel's relationship appears to have changed from acquaintances to friends. West and Daniel are often seen smiling at each other and regularly offer to drive each other home from practice. Daniel is the person that West tells about the secret dance routine, even though he was ordered to tell no one.[85] West appears to consistently be worried about Daniel's well-being, and dutifully defends him when he sprains his ankle.[86] In Daniel's absence, West still speaks of Daniel in his absence, even saying, "Too bad Daniel ain't here to see this," while dancing at an A-Troupe party.[34]
Stephanie and michelle hug

Stephanie and Michelle hug.

  • Stephanie and Michelle – known as "Stephchelle"  – is a popular non-canon ship. Stephanie initially hated Michelle, because Emily did. However, they become friends again when Stephanie returns to the studio in "First Date". In Season 3, they begin growing closer, after Stephanie consoles Michelle about her parents' divorce[87], and Michelle helping Stephanie with her stagefright at Internationals.[88] Despite Stephchelle not being canon, many Steppers assure that it is, due to the intimate moments between the two characters. Another reason as to why Steppers dub the pairing as "canon" is because of many Steppers' headcanons that Stephanie is a lesbian and Michelle is bisexual.
  • Theo and Giselle – known as "Thiselle"  – was meant to become a canon couple, but ultimately did not. Giselle's crush on Theo is revealed in "It's My Party," while he is performing at the party, allegedly singing a song to her. Theo later asks Giselle to dance with him, elating her. Although this couple had the markings of being a canon couple, it ultimately did not become one, in favour of Theo having a crush on Maggie on Lost & Found Music Studios. [89]


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