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Patricia is the owner of The Next Steep, as well as all of the shops that preceded it—Squeezed, Culture Shock, Hidalgo's, Java Junction, Neutral Grounds and Shakes & Ladders.


Season 1

Patricia opens Squeezed after her trip to Orange County.[1]

Season 2

After going to Tokyo for a month, Patricia decides to change Squeezed to Culture Shock.[1]

Season 3

Patricia goes to Spain and transforms Culture Shock into Hidalgo's.[1]

Season 4

After a trip to Colombia, Patricia renames Hidalgo's to Java Junction.[1]

Patricia interviews Eldon for a position at Java Junction, but ultimately does not hire him.[2]

Patricia is pulled into a conversation with Skylar, much to her chagrin, as she is very busy at the moment. The conversation appears to be a waste of time until Skylar asks her if she has children. Patricia happily mentions her teenage daughter and consequently offers Skylar a cookie.[3]

The Off Season: Season 1

Following an alleged trip to space, Patricia refurbishes Java Junction into Neutral Grounds.[1][4]

She hires Heather as a barista.[5]


Patricia has a strong passion for traveling, so strong that she has allegedly travelled to space.[1] Due to this supposed future endeavour to space, it can be assumed that Patricia has a background in astronomy.

Richelle describes Patricia as crazy due to her indecisiveness, which has caused her to rename what is currently Java Junction three times.[1] Skylar has described her as "scary."[3] Despite the generally negative reviews of Patricia, she does not appear to be unpleasant; she is more so impatient and a busy body.

Patricia has a great work ethic, proven by the amount of time and dedication she puts into her store. Patricia does harness a soft side, proven when she speaks of her daughter and when she offers Skylar a cookie.[3]

Physical appearance


Patricia is a slim, tall woman. Patricia has fair skin, green eyes, and long light brown hair that is always tied back into a ponytail.


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Patricia is always seen in her Java Junction uniform; a black t-shirt with the Java Junction logo and an apron tied around her waist.


Season 4


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