West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 2

I am sure that I will grow to love all of you. Although, probably not as much as I love dolphins.

— to A-Troupe, "My Boyfriend's Back"

Not only astronauts can have stars, you can have your very own star too.

— to the auditionees, "Ready to Start"

Kate, you gonged before it was time!

— to Kate, "Ready to Start"


— to the auditionees, "Ready to Start"

I'd like to see anyone who tumbles.

— to the auditionees, "Tumbling Audition"

Season 3

Right now, I'm feeling the divided countries. So this is a good opportunity for them to become one.

— "Your New Beginning"

Quiz time. Thalia, what is Eldon's pre-competition ritual?

— to Thalia, "Your New Beginning"

You guys feeling what I'm feeling? 'Cause I'm feeling a lot coming off of you two right now.

— to Shantel and Giselle, "Your New Beginning"

Unfortunately, [the duet] was a complete failure because we only had one. One plus one equals two; duet. I'm making note of this. This was your choice. I'm disappointed.

— to Shantel , "Your New Beginning"

Look who the cat dragged in: Daniel.

— in Talking Heads, "I Hope I Get It"