I'd like you to dance a story about embarrassment.

Stacy Carpenter to Piper

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"Piper's Audition" is the 3rd episode of The Off Season: Season 2.


"Piper is next to audition, but Stacy's suggestion of "Embarrassment" for her themed freestyle brings up bad memories. Will nerves get to Piper when auditioning for the scholarship?"[1]


Following Summer's audition, Stacy Carpenter calls for 'Number 2', who is Piper. Amy tells her that she's got this and Piper runs forward. Stacy asks her if she is feeling uncomfortable, to which she confesses that she really wants the Scholarship, but is unsure if she is good enough. However, she lies to Stacy, saying that she is not uncomfortable at all. Stacy then asks her to dance a story about embarrassment. Piper then confesses that she wishes that she could have gotten an easier emotion, like 'happiness'. Piper proceeds to dance to 'Brave'. Stacy asks Piper what her story was about, to which she responds by relating her past experience with confessing her feelings for Josh and him telling her that he only likes her as a friend, without mentioning their names. Piper continues to tell Stacy what she believes the value of embarrassment is: that one can learn from their mistakes and that something good can come out of it. Piper then confesses that she is just going to keep her head down low after this and focus on dance. She adds that she is done with relationships. Stacy tells her that she did well and thanks her. Piper returns to her chair and Amy tells her that her audition was really good. Piper thanks her. Amy then confesses that she is so ready for the audition and that she really wants to be front and centre at The Next Step. She adds that if she wins the Scholarship, her win will prove that being front and centre is where she belongs.



  • Piper references her confessing her feelings for Josh and him telling her that he only likes her as a friend in "Pointe of No Return".
    • To heighten this, footage of Josh and Piper from "Pointe of No Return" is shown.




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