Piper has cultivated many relationships.



Deborah is Piper's mother. Their relationship has not been explored in depth, but it is Deborah who finds Piper crying in the bathroom one day, and grows so concerned that she tells James despite him being in London.[1]


"I can't believe Riley and Alfie are kissing. How could she do this to James?"

James is Piper's older brother, whom she looks up to despite occasionally feeling as though she stands in his shadow.

Piper has a very strong relationship with James, despite disagreeing from time to time, seen when Piper wishes to audition for A-Troupe and James cautions her not to.[2] Piper is the subject of many affectionate names by James, such as "Pipes" and "Pipesqueak."[2][3]

James piper season 4 tl

Piper hugs James.

Piper is arguably more devastated than even James is when she catches Riley cheating on James with Alfie, further exemplifying how much she cares for James.[4]

James' happiness is definitely a priority for Piper, even at the expense of her own. Piper goes out of her way to learn the routine James performed in the small group round at Nationals, solely so she can perform it with him and cheer him up.[5]

Piper's two older sisters

Piper has two older sisters. Her relationship with them is not explored in depth, but she does prefer Riley to them.[6]



Piper alfie season 4 hcym

Piper fumbles during rehearsal for her duet with Alfie.

Piper initially likes Alfie, and grows closer to him as they prepare to audition for the qualifier duet. Although, Piper's image of Alfie is squandered once she sees him kissing Riley.[4] Upon seeing this, Piper struggles to practice with or even look at Alfie, so much so that she is taken off of the duet altogether.[7]

Piper's harshness toward Alfie eventually dissolves and she apologizes to Alfie for her behaviour, realizing that what he does isn't her business. She even advises Alfie on how to restore his date with Riley.[8]


Piper skylar season 4 icgft

Piper describes the club to Skylar.

Piper notices Skylar's loneliness and stand-offish behaviour and is adamant about her becoming a member of The Zero Percent Club. When Skylar inititally rejects the offer, Piper is the one who goes out of her way to clarify the group's intentions to Skylar and comforts her about her past experiences with bullying. Even though Skylar still declines, Piper is understanding and assures her that she will be there for her.[9]



riley becomes Piper's friend when they are a part of the Zero Percent Club together, but their relationship does not flourish until Cassie and Sloane leave The Next Step Dance Studio. After their departure, Amy becomes Piper's best friend.

Piper amy s5

Piper regards Amy nervously when only one spot is left on A-Troupe and neither of them has been picked yet.

Piper is upset when she makes it onto A-Troupe and Amy doesn't, and frequently laments about how Amy should be dancing with her. Despite hating to lie, Piper does so toward Amy's mother so that Amy can continue dancing at the studio.[10]

Although, Piper grows angry with Amy when lying for her results in her getting in serious trouble with Emily. Piper decides that until Amy tells her mother the truth, she will no longer talk to her.[10] Piper's anger toward Amy only grows when Amy is picked for Leon Blackwood's routine over herself, since Amy isn't supposed to be at the hip-hop workshop.[11]

Piper feels pity for Amy when her mother takes her off of TNS West and vows to get her to become at least an alternate on TNS East, showing that Piper still cares for Amy. Although her efforts work against her and cause her to be demoted from TNS East, Piper does not resent Amy.[12] In fact, Piper finds solace in TNS West and confesses that there are no longer any hard feelings between her and Amy.[13] Therefore, she is best friends with Amy once more.

Piper confides firstly in Amy about her plan to merge TNS East and TNS West.[14]. Even when Amy is forced to leave The Next Step and join Gemini, Piper remains Amy's best friend, continuously expressing concern for her and checking up on her; Piper even risks losing her dance captaincy in trying to call Amy when she does not pick up her phone. Piper is the one who advises Amy to speak to her mom about her situation.[15]

Piper eventually confides in Amy about her secret crush on Josh, with the latter giving Piper advice on how to interpret Josh's feelings for her in return.[16]


Piper swears she recognizes Heather from Regionals while seeing her at Neutral Grounds even though she claims that she is not a dancer.[17] Piper eventually sees Heather dancing in the juice bar, proving her suspicions true. Piper unceasingly attempts to enlist Heather onto TNS West and fells terrible when she discovers that Heather quit dance due to monetary deficiencies.[13]

Piper goes to the trouble of organizing an entire dance-a-thon so that Heather can ultimately return to dance, and continues her pursuit even when Heather appear unresponsive. After twisting her ankle, she convinces Heather to fill in for her.[18]


Piper is initially quite friendly to Michelle and even considers her to be her friend. This breeds the hurt she feels upon Michelle's coldness when they are pitted against each other for the final spot in the qualifier quartet. This hurt prompts Piper to confront Michelle about her behaviour; Piper easily falls into the lie that Michelle is stressed due to her parents' recent divorce and dutifully comforts her. Piper feels betrayed and even more hurt when Michelle resumes her cold behaviour, to the point that she ruins her solo and squanders her chances of being on the quartet. Although, Piper comes to realize that Michelle's attitude is meant to prepare her for the competitive nature of competition.[19] Piper presumably forgives Michelle and understands her intent, telling her "You don't give up, even when it's hard. And you don't mind teaching hard lessons."[6]
Piper michelle season 4 hotm

Piper stares Michelle down.

Piper has a run-in with Michelle once more while auditioning with Alfie. Michelle orders Alfie, who is Piper's duet partner, to be hers. Having learned from their last encounter,[4] Piper easily tells Michelle off, saying:

"Michelle, no, I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to scare me off. You think I'll run away with my tail between my legs. Well guess what, Michelle... it's not gonna work this time. We've already started our duet and you're not just gonna waltz in here and take it away from us."
Piper to Michelle[src]

No hard feelings remain between the two, with Piper ultimately thanking Michelle for teaching her so much.[20]

When Piper is taken off of TNS East, she is welcomed to TNS West by Michelle with open arms,[12] and is even promoted to dance captain by her.[13]


"I already have big sisters, but you're my favourite."
Piper to Riley [src]
Riley piper season 4 iohefy

Piper interviews Riley for a school video about her family.

Piper cares for Riley dearly, to the point that she even refers to her as her sister. In fact, she has claimed to hold Riley in higher regard than even her biological sisters.[6] Piper often seeks Riley for advice due to her admiration of her.[2]

Due to Piper's admiration for Riley, in part, Piper is devastated to find her cheating on James. Piper struggles to forgive Riley and acts toward her with bitterness and hostility, which even her peers notice.

It is not until Riley and James reconcile and Riley apologizes to her, that Piper finally forgives Riley. Albeit, when she does forgive her, her relationship with Riley resorts to that of before with no hard feelings left between them.[21]


"Do you think you're the best dancer you're going to be right now? [...] No, no, of course not. I'm not either. We're constantly improving. "
Piper to Sloane [src]

Sloane becomes Piper's friend when The Zero Percent Club forms.[22] Piper routinely encourages Sloane when she is feeling down; Piper encourages Sloane when she is wary of performing in their contemporary trio, Piper urges Sloane to seek Michelle for advice when she is taken off the trio, and Piper is the one sets a whole day aside to try and cheer Sloane up about Amy's relationship with LaTroy.[23][24][25]

Love interests


Josh appears to be one of Piper's new friends on TNS East. It is with Josh that Piper speaks of her excitement for Leon Blackwood's hip-hop class and it he who comforts her when Amy is picked over her for the routine. While trying to avoid Amy, Piper speaks to Josh and explicitly tells Amy that he is her new friend.[11]

After Piper becomes a member TNS West, she does not talk to Josh until after the teams' merge. Piper works on a concept for the upcoming qualifier video with him, complete with choreography. During this time, Piper greatly bonds with Josh. She finds herself feeling frazzled after pretending to stargaze with him and, although she initially cannot pinpoint the cause of this alarm, she eventually realizes that she has feelings for him which only intensifies as she spends more time with him.[26]

After speaking to Amy, Piper becomes sure that Josh must feel the same way about her. She tells him that she knows he likes him and that she feels the same way and is shocked and hurt to discover that Josh merely sees her as a friend.[16]



Piper is initially willing to overlook her poor first impression of Elliot, but eventually resents what she perceives as blatant disrespect. Piper confronts Elliot for insulting Ozzy and Kingston, therefore getting insulted in the process herself and being told that drastic changes need to be made to the team. Piper's patience wears thin with Elliot, and she confesses that he needs to leave.[27]


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