I may have made a mistake when I put Emily and Michelle in charge. I need to stop this before it gets worse.


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"Pointe of No Return" is the 20th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 154th episode overall. It aired on December 13, 2017. It is the Season 5 finale.


"The Next Step's hope of going to Regionals hinges on today. Richelle makes a horrifying discovery. Piper tries to work up the courage to ask out her crush."[1]


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Richelle shockingly looks at her broken pointe shoe.

It is the day of filming for the qualifier video and the dancers make last minute preparations in Studio A. Michelle and Emily both confess that they have accomplished a lot together. West and Daniel oversee Noah and Jacquie while they practice a lift, with Jacquie still upset that Noah embarrassed her about her choreography. West is excited about their upcoming video, but Daniel is much more pessimistic, confessing that on a day as important as this, he is sure that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Just then, Richelle discovers her broken pointe shoe in her locker and immediately suspects who the culprit is.

Richelle angrily approaches Zara in Studio 1, certain that she broke her shoe because she is jealous that Richelle took her solo. Richelle ignores Zara's pleas of innocence and asserts that she will be through at The Next Step Dance Studio after she speaks to Emily.

In Neutral Grounds, Amy notices how happy Piper is and asks her why; Piper tells her that it is because she likes Josh, but then reveals that she is unsure whether he feels the same way. After Amy gives her advice on how to tell that someone likes you, Piper hopes that she will be able to figure out if Josh reciprocates her feelings.

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Richelle tells Lola about Zara.

Richelle paces in Studio 1 with her broken shoe in her hand, waiting for Emily. When Lola enters, Richelle immediately asserts how eager she is to tell Emily what Zara did to her shoe. Knowing Zara can't take the fall for what she did, Lola admits to Richelle that she is the one who broke her shoe. Shocked at Lola's betrayal, Richelle orders her to get out of her sight with both in shock at the other's actions.

Jacquie enters Studio A to practice the choreography, even though she still believes that it should be hip-hop instead of contemporary. As she dances, Noah approaches her, still not having spoken to her since their fight. Noah attempts to make amends, but Jacquie brushes him off and says they should rehearse. The two quietly begin practising the choreography.

At the ballet barre in Studio 1, Richelle rehearses her solo without pointe shoes on, which Daniel inquires about when he enters the studio. Richelle vaguely reveals that one of the shanks broke, instantly worrying Daniel. Once he calms down, Daniel tells Richelle that he can show her how to fix it with duct tape. Just before he enters the office, he hears an audible snap as Richelle dances. Despite Richelle assuring him that she is fine, Daniel confesses that he is sure she is injured, as he acted the same way when he was trying to cover up his own injury while preparing for Regionals.

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Piper and Josh hug.

Piper finds Josh in Studio A and asks why he is still there, and he reveals that he doesn't know how to tie the tie on his costume; Piper does it for him, and he hugs her in gratitude. Now certain that he must share her feelings, Piper decides she can't hold the truth back any longer, and she tells Josh that she likes him. At first, Josh only reacts with silence, but then admits that he only likes Piper as a friend. Mortified at how badly she misjudged the situation, Piper attempts to pretend that she was joking and rushes out of the studio.

Daniel enters Studio 1's office, where a flustered Emily is searching wildly for their film permit. After locating the permit in Emily's purse, Daniel reveals that even though Richelle is denying it, he is sure she has snapping hip syndrome. While initially shocked, Emily refuses to admit that they should do anything, as Richelle has not told them this herself and they need to film the video that day; Daniel reminds her of the risks of using an injured dancer, but Emily remains in denial. Michelle enters the office and inquires about the conversation, but Emily quickly ends it and the three leave for the venue.

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Lola looks on after Richelle.

A-Troupe arrives at The Opera House, where they prepare to shoot the video. Lola notices that Richelle is not present and believes that her plan worked. However, after turning down a corridor, she discovers Richelle reinforcing her broken pointe shoe with duct tape; she declares that she will still be dancing, to Lola's obvious dismay.

The shoot for the video begins. The video's premise is based upon TNS East and TNS West's former rivalry; both teams come to the theatre during a storm in order to have a dance battle, but begin dancing together instead as the video goes on, with the final shot implying that they are all now part of one team.

Michelle and Emily put away the equipment used for the video. Emily admits to Michelle that she is proud to be her co-studio head, and Michelle returns the statement.

It is now the day when the studios who have qualified for Regionals will be revealed, and A-Troupe, Daniel and West anxiously await the judges' verdict on their video in Studio A. Despite it having been their idea to all be together for the announcement, both Michelle and Emily are absent. Richelle is also absent, having left directly after filming the video, and Lola confesses that she is not answering her texts. Josh confesses that he has not spoken to Piper since she revealed her feelings for him, and he doesn't know if they can still be friends. Jacquie confesses that after seeing the video, she realizes that Noah was right about the choreography, with Noah confessing that he thinks they're going to be okay.

It is officially time to view the results, with Michelle and Emily still nowhere to be found, and it is then revealed that they have entered Studio 1's office upon Kate's insistence of an emergency. Kate reveals that Richelle is in the hospital and chastises the two for letting her dance despite knowing that she was injured. Kate asserts that she cannot have studio heads who do not put the safety of their dancers above everything else and that she needs to think about the future of The Next Step. Meanwhile, A-Troupe, West, and Daniel discover that they have qualified for Regionals; as the group celebrates, Kate confesses that the road to Regionals has just got more complicated, as she is about to change the game entirely.



  • When he discovers that the shank of one of Richelle's pointe shoes is broken, Daniel confesses that one thing after another is going wrong; in reality, this is the first thing to go wrong with the filming of the qualifier video.
  • Although it makes sense that Kate would know Richelle was injured, there is no clear reason for her to believe that Emily and Michelle would know about it. Further still, Michelle was never aware that anything was wrong at all, unlike what Kate suggests.
    • It is possible, but unlikely, that Daniel informed Kate that Emily knew about Richelle's injury, as he was the only person besides Richelle, Emily and Lola who also knew about it.


Production Errors

  • Ben Jaremko is on the cast list, despite not appearing in this episode.

Behind the Scenes

  • This episode is dedicated in memory of Rick McVicar, a crew member and camera operator on all seasons of The Next Step.[2]

Cultural Eeferences

  • The title of this episode alludes to a song called "Point of No Return" by Exposé.




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