West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Dlh josh richelle lola tyler jacquie "In A-Troupe you know we give a hundred percent into everything!"

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Don't jinx it!

Daniel to West

I've been down this road before. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


We started as two teams: TNS East and TNS West, but now we're all one team.


When we work together we can accomplish anything.


Dude! You look like you can explode!

Henry to Kingston

I practically woke myself up doing choreo last night.

Kingston to Henry

I want to tell you that I'm really proud to be co-studio heads with you, and I think we're gonna win Regionals, and go all the way.

Emily to Michelle

I think so too. And I'm honoured to be your partner in this.

Michelle to Emily

Nothing is going to stop me. No-one is taking this dance away from me.


I was wrong.


We're supposed to be a team.


I’m about to change the game.... Entirely


Kate: Richelle's in the hospital.
Michelle: Wait... What? Why?
Emily: What?
Kate: I think you both know exactly why... I can't have two studio heads who don't put the safety of their dancers above everything else.

We need to discuss the future of The Next Step.

Kate to Michelle and Emily