You know A-Troupe's a family, right?

Emily, to Chloe

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"Price Tag" is the 24th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 24th episode overall. It premiered on November 22, 2013.


Chloe’s financial problems finally boil over and she is forced to leave A-Troupe.


Kate and Chris are attempting to chastise Chad's rambunctiousness in J-Troupe in Kate's office, which proves to be fruitless. As the three begin conversing about Chad's solo, Emily enters Studio A and is approached by Michelle about being a co-captain. Emily tells Michelle that, after a lot of thought, she has decided to accept her offer.

West chris tif emily michelle kate season 1 pt

Kate announces that Kate and Michelle are co-captains.

Chris beckons A-Troupe and Kate tells them that Michelle and Emily are now co-captains. The announcement is met with applause; while the dancers are surprised, most are excited about the prospect, except for Eldon due to his complicated situation with Michelle and Emily. Kate tells the dancers that they need to choreograph a new Regionals routine, although James retorts that they need to choreograph two routines, as he is sure they will qualify to the finals. Eldon asks if he and Michelle are still doing their duet in the routine and, despite Michelle's rebuke, Emily decides that the duet can be performed in the second routine. The team begins to discuss different concepts for the dances.

As A-Troupe begins to practice their new routine, Chloe pulls Michelle aside and tells her that she needs to leave for a shift, which Michelle agrees to. Seeing her departing, Emily stops Chloe and asks her where she is going. After a few moments of awkward interaction between Chloe and Emily, Michelle assures Emily that she allowed Chloe to leave. Emily is left flabbergasted, as she was not consulted. Emily pulls Michelle aside and questions her about Chloe's departure, but Michelle tells her that she cannot say anything, but agrees to show her as long as Emily doesn't tell anybody.

After riding a bus—an experience which Emily is disgusted by—Emily and Michelle approach Southside Johnny's where Chloe works. As to not be seen by Chloe, the two hide behind a car to observe her. Emily inquires as to what Chloe is doing and Michelle eventually reveals to Emily that Chloe has a job. Emily confesses that she is shocked and would not want to tell anybody if she was in Chloe's position. Emily realizes that she and Michelle have to let Chloe have this one and be discreet about letting her go. The two leave, but not before Emily asserts that their mom is picking them up.

Chloe kate season 1 pt

Chloe reveals the truth to Kate.

Kate calls Chloe into her office to speak to her about the Regionals money that she has still not submitted. Chloe lies that she'll give Kate the money by the next day, but Kate doesn't believe the tired excuse. Chloe realizes that she might as well tell Kate the truth, as there is no way she is going to be able to get the money in. Chloe admits that she works two jobs in order to pay for A-Troupe and is immediately met with a hug from Kate. Kate asks Chloe she didn't tell her and Chloe reveals that she isn't exactly proud of her situation; the girls in the studio regularly enter class with new clothes and are able to be driven to dance, but she has to take three buses to get the studio and sometimes doesn't even arrive on time. Kate guiltily apologizes to Chloe and Chloe tells her that she is going to leave A-Troupe so that a dancer who can afford Regionals can replace her. Chloe briskly leaves the studio, confessing that her dreams of being a dancer and performing at Regionals are over.

Kate tells the rest of the dancers that Chloe is no longer in A-Troupe, then retreats back into her office without further comment. Upon the dancers' confused inquiry, Michelle and Emily reveal the truth about Chloe's money troubles; they reveal that Chloe's parents are unable to afford dance, so Chloe has been working to pay for the expenses. The dancers are incredulous at the discovery and know that they cannot win Regionals without her. Emily, now having a plan, beckons the dancers forward.

Chloe west season 1

West tells Chloe about the discovery of tea.

Chloe is on a shift at Southside Johnny's, serving a customer. As she works, the members of A-Troupe flood into the restaurant and take their seats, mortifying her. Chloe confronts Michelle about the situation, but Michelle merely says that she is thirsty and wants a drink. As the dancers order solely drinks, Chloe comes to believe that they are there to humiliate her. After retreating to a corner and crying briefly, Chloe re-enters the patio now determined to show the dancers that they are not going to tear her down. West is first to leave the diner, but only after leaving Chloe a fifty dollar tip. Chloe tells West that he has left too much money, but West's only explanation is a fact about the discovery of tea. As the other dancers begin to leave, Chloe realizes that all of them have left her a fifty dollar tip. Chloe realizes that A-Troupe really is her family.

The following day, Chloe enters Kate's office with the full payment for Regionals. Kate jokingly asks Chloe if she robbed a bank, but Chloe assures her that she just has awesome friends. Kate is happy that the team pulled through for Chloe and orders Chloe to consult her the next time she has a problem. Chloe leaves the office and steps onto the dance floor where she is welcomed by her fellow dancers. A-Troupe commences the rehearsal of their new Regionals routine with Chloe confessing that she is ready for Regionals.



  • Michelle initially tells Emily that she will only show her Chloe's secret and not tell her. Although, once at Chloe's workplace, Michelle ends up verbally explaining Chloe's secret.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Jessie J.




  • Kolton Stewart as Chad


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