Do you think a page needs protection? Do you think a lot of people vandalize the page? Do you believe it violates the rules? If you have all of these questions with a yes, you can request a page protection.

Click here to request a page protection

Who can request a page protection?

Only users can request a page protection. All IPs here like to vandalize and they aren't easy to track, meanwhile users are.

Why should I request a page protection?

Was the page vandalized such as adding false information, random stuff, and so on? Has it been going on for a long time? If so, a page protection is required to stop this. Any page that has violations of the rules, it can be requested to have a page protection.

How long will the page protection last?

The minimum should be one week. The maximum could be indefinite. It all depends on the vandalism and the prolongation.

How do I request a page protection?

First, you must double-check it is being vandalizing or it violates any of the rules. If it is, please go to Protect/request to make a request. Fill out the form and make sure you make in great detail or else it may be declined.