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"Put You First" is the 13th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 77th episode overall. It was first aired on March 31, 2015.


James and Riley have trouble finding anniversary presents for one another. Meanwhile, Giselle and Thalia are hesitant about performing in a trio with Amanda; and Noah's special skills are put to the test.


Michelle eldon season 3 pyf

Michelle wonders how Chloe will be able to go to Internationals.

A-Troupe finishes one their dances when Chloe enters with the intention of telling the troupe of her decision. Upon seeing her, Riley asks her where she was, and Chloe reveals the truth; she will be leaving The Next Step for a spot in La Ballet de la Reine. The team, despite wishing that she wouldn't go, is extremely congratulatory. West calls for a celebration in honour of Chloe.

Thalia, Giselle and Amanda are practicing a trio, as Internationals is quite vague with their instructions, and they want to be prepared for whatever comes their way. When Kate asks them to do it again, Amanda reveals that she has to leave in order to help her mom set up for the weekend's barbecue. Thalia, Giselle, and Kate alike are frustrated because their dance needs a lot more work, but they eventually let Amanda go. Amanda confesses that she doesn't want to leave, but that the circumstance is obligatory. Kate tells Amanda and Thalia to take five. On her break, Thalia approaches Riley. Riley reveals that she is waiting for James, since it is their anniversary. Thalia asks her if she got anything for James and she says no, as she believes that spending time with each other is enough. Thalia departs as James enters, panting, with a box of chocolates for Riley. James confesses that he had forgotten about their anniversary and sprinted to his aunt Kathy's house for a present upon remembering. Upon opening the present, Riley finds that the chocolates are half-eaten and James lies that he ate the ones that seemed to be "full of allergies." He goes on to say that he has a better present for later on. In response, Riley lies that she has a great gift for him as well.

Eldon james west season 3 pyf

James asks Eldon and West for gift ideas.

James enters Hidalgo's and sits with Eldon and West. James admits to then that he forgot about his anniversary with Riley and begs for assistance on a gift idea. West suggests that James takes her on a trip around the world or that James gets her a baby pig, both to which James angrily refuses. He asks Eldon if he has any ideas, to which Eldon shakes his head. James storms off and bumps into Cierra and Noah's table in the process, causing a glass of milk to fall; Noah easily catches it and places it back on the table without any of the contents spilling. West, Eldon, and Cierra are instantly astonished and vow to test his abilities further.

Thalia and Giselle are working on the Amanda-less trio when Max enters. Seeing as Max is a strong dancer, he subs in for Amanda and easily picks up the choreography. Max tells them that he thinks they are limiting themselves in acro and Giselle confesses that Amanda can't do acro. They ultimately decide to just try doing acro and fix up the dance later. Elsewhere, James asks Luke and the rest of his band for assistance in a gift for Riley. Theo suggests that James make her something and James asks if he should make a card. The boys are for it; John is good at drawing, Luke is good at cutting things out, and Theo is good at pasting. Realizing it is rudimentary, James comes up with a better idea.

Eldon, West and Cierra test Noah's abilities by throwing things at Noah to see if he can catch them. Despite having multiple objects pelted at him at once and having to catch objects without looking, Noah finds the task incredibly easy. West, Cierra, and Eldon soon realize that they need to take their testing to another level.

Shane riley season 3

Luke tells Riley that James has a heart-felt gift for her.

In Hidalgo's, Riley questions whether or not to purchase a mug for James. Luke enters calls Riley a lucky girl due to James' heartfelt gift. Riley realizes that she needs to up her game if she wishes to get a good enough gift for James.

Thalia, Giselle and Max are showing Kate the new and improved trio when Amanda walks in and sees Max dancing in her spot; she becomes scared because she cannot do the moves that he is doing, as acro is not her strong style. Amanda inquires as to what is happening and Kate reveals that she wants Max to replace her in the trio, but that if she can pick up the choreography, she can keep her position. Knowing that she cannot learn the moves, Amanda lets Max have the spot and leaves.

West, Eldon, and Cierra are throwing dodge balls at Noah and begin to think that he is unstoppable; not only can he dodge the countless balls being thrown at him, but he can also do it while flipping. West confesses that he has one more test and that, if it doesn't work, nothing else will.

James and his band are in the Music Room, waiting for Riley. When she arrives, they perform a song for her that was written by James. Riley loves the song and thinks that the gift is perfect, making her all the more anxious about her own non-existent gift.

Noah, West, Eldon, and Cierra are playing Marco Polo in the dark. Noah is blindfolded while the others have night-vision goggles, but he still easily finds where each of them are. West decides that Noah is a superhero.

Amanda is in Hidalgo's, upset that Thalia and Giselle would sub Max in for her in their trio, as she thought of them as her closest friends at the studio. Max enters Hidalgo's, apologizes to Amanda, and offers to teach her acro. Still upset, Amanda says that she will think about the offer. Amanda confesses that she now feels like one of the studio's weakest dancers.

Riley is at Kathy's house for some inspiration. Kathy tells Riley that James loves to paint and shows her a painting that, although child-like, was made by James at age sixteen. Riley — seeing as their art-themed duet at Nationals was James's idea — develops an idea as to what to give him.

Riley James season 3 episode 13

James lifts Riley.

James finds a canvas on the floor of Studio A with Riley in the centre (wearing a suit, slippers, and goggles that he believes make her look like a scientist). Riley insists that he take off his shoes, put on the provided suit, slippers, and goggles, and join her. The two resort to making a human painting, which James comes to love. James confesses that it finally feels like they are the old them and dubs the day as the best anniversary ever. The two dance amidst the paint and kiss.



  • "Song for Riley" references many Jiley moments and information about Riley and James throughout the course of the show:
    • "We took a ride on a Monday" references the bus ride that Riley and James take in "Road to Joy" and the following words: "...and that's when I fell, I fell in love with you" imply that it is during this episode that James falls in love with Riley.
    • "I wanna see the world with you" references Riley's wish to travel, as revealed in "First Date."
    • "Don't even worry 'bout it" references James's catchphrase.
    • "When you roll your shorts..." references one of Riley's quirks, which is rolling her shorts.
  • Riley references she and James's Absolute Dance Nationals duet from "I Don't Know."
  • Although it is not specifically stated, it is possible that the basketballs that West, Cierra and Eldon throw at Noah are obtained from the sporting goods store above the studio mentioned in "Dance, Dance".




  • Shane Harte as Luke
  • Alex Zaichkowski as John
  • Levi Ryann as Theo
  • Michelle Suzanne as Kathy


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