There's so many more teams here than there were at Regionals.


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"Re-Match" is the 28th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 58th episode overall. It aired on November 28, 2014.


The team encounters skilled competitors when they arrive at Nationals. A scavenger hunt is held, and those who complete it get to attend a party with Shawn Desman.


Eldon hunter season 2 2

Hunter asks Eldon if he is ready for Nationals.

Eldon is in Studio A, reminiscing about what has happened between Regionals and Nationals. Hunter enters then, and tells him that the bus is ready to leave for Nationals.

Kate phoebe season 2 4

Kate and Phoebe register the team.

Later, A-Troupe arrives at the Living Arts Centre, the venue where Nationals is taking place. Upon seeing the large amount of teams, Kate notifies the team that there are 64 teams. The first round of the competition will be male soloist, and if a teams male soloist loses their round, that means their entire team is going home. Then, Lucien approaches Kate (using his phony French accent) with the members of Elite. Amanda confesses that it is odd seeing The Next Step, since she left them with only nine dancers and admits that she underestimated them. When registering, the team discovers that three members from each studio must attempt to complete a scavenger hunt to be able to go to a Shawn Desman concert, which excites the team — especially Emily. Phoebe is disappointed when she discovers she is not allowed to participate (as only dancers are allowed); Giselle, West, and Emily volunteer to do it. Life of Dance then walk in, or rather march in like soldiers, their female choreographer shouting like a sergeant-major the order for the team to register — which they do, in the process almost knocking the dancers from The Next Step, who are standing near the registration table, over. They are definitely The Next Step's biggest competition and are so good that they are nicknamed "Ladies of Destruction" (they have one male dancer solely for the male soloist round). The Next Step realizes that the studios at Nationals are ten times better than that of Regionals.

Chuck tre

Chuck Anderson and Tre Armstrong commentate.

Chuck Anderson and co-host Tre Armstrong talk about the competition. There are 6 rounds: male solos, small groups, duets, female solos, semi-finals, and finals in that order. Shawn Desman is introduced and Nationals commences with male soloists. Eldon is excited, although his solo isn't until the following day, so he can still scope out the competition. Meanwhile, West, Giselle, and Emily start to finish the first task on their list: sit in a specific seat in the auditorium and take a picture. They eventually find the seat, but the problem is that Tess and Amanda are already there and Tess refuses to move. Emily decides she is still going to take the picture regardless, and sits in Tess's lap with Giselle posing beside her, while West takes the picture. Amanda laughs despite herself, admitting in Talking Heads that she found the whole situation really funny and wished she had a copy of the picture.

Max season 2 2

Max commences his solo.

The next task on the list is to solve a riddle and have someone take a picture of a team member in the correct accompanying costume, which is hanging on one of two clothing rails. Giselle figures out the riddle, "This person keeps his sandwiches in a launch box", and that the accompanying costume is that of an astronaut. Emily is forced to put on the spacesuit. At first, she refuses, but agrees when she remembers that West told her to try new things. Amanda, Tess, and Jen enter, solve their riddle: "Let them eat cake," and take their picture with the correctly chosen Marie Antoinette costume. When the Elite scavenger team receive a text that their male soloist, Max, is about to perform, Amanda tosses the costume over West's head, upsetting Emily who proclaims that if Amanda gets to see Shawn Desman and she doesn't, she will scream! Meanwhile, Max performs. The Next Step admits that he is very good; James goes as far as saying that he has the gracefulness of Daniel and Eldon's power in his dancing. He wins and Elite moves on to the small groups round.

Compass giselle emily season 2

Pretending to be a celebrity named "The Compass", West butts the line.

Emily, Giselle and West are on their last task: take a picture with Shawn Desman. When they find out that they are at the end of the line, they realize that Shawn Desman will not have time to take a picture with every person before the concert starts. West comes up with a plan to pretend to be a celebrity named "The Compass" (using for his disguise a black and white plaid jacket, a scarf, a trilby hat, and dark glasses borrowed from people waiting in the line), with Emily and Giselle posing as his security and an obsessed fan respectively, so the team can get to the front of the line to see Shawn Desman and also get his autograph. The plan works and they finish the tasks.

Later, The Next Step attends the party. While Emily and Michelle are conversing, Tess and Amanda approach them. Tess insults their team, although Amanda says nothing because they're at Nationals and she just wants to win fair and square. Eventually, the two leave. Shawn's concert commences and soon enough dancing ensues. At one point West hugs Emily and spins her, revealing it as a means of thanking her. The episode ends with everyone dancing and having fun.


  • In establishing shots, the Nationals venue is named as the Living Arts Centre. However, this name is never used in the on-screen dialogue.
  • Daniel does not have any lines in this episode.


  • When West pretends to be a celebrity to enable himself, Emily and Giselle to get to the front of the line to see Shawn Desman (and thus complete their tasks for the scavenger hunt), he reuses the nickname "Compass" from his days with Seeds.


  • Kate mentions that there are 64 teams at Nationals, twice the amount of teams that there were at Regionals. Although, there were 24 teams at Regionals, and 24 doubled is not 64, but rather, 48.
  • In "This is How We Do It," Amanda mentions that her team had already brought their plane tickets to Nationals. However, The Next Step gets to the venue via coach bus, and since Elite is in the same region, they must have taken a coach bus too, not a plane. 

Cultural References

  • The music that is used for Max's solo features words from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (2.2).






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