This is the biggest audition of our lives.

Riley, about The Challenge

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"Ready to Start" [also known as "Don't Stop the Party (Part 3)"] is the 3rd episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 33rd episode overall.


The first round of auditions for the Nationals team takes place.


Daniel thalia season 2

Daniel tries to intimidate Thalia.

The dancers are warming up in Studio A for the solo round of The Challenge. As warm-ups continue, Tiffany pulls Stephanie aside and the two converse about how opposed they are to the upcoming auditions, although that agree that they still have to perform their best. Amanda confesses that she is nervous because many of the dancers do not like her, although she assures that she wants a new start. Beth approaches James and pesters him about the auditions, immensely irritating Riley. Eldon is nervous about auditions because of the Hunter drama, but Michelle assures him that he will do great. Daniel approaches Thalia and tries to psyche her out so that she will not dance her best, and she is astounded by his terrible attitude. Meanwhile, Riley confesses that she hopes that everybody can keep it together because it is the biggest audition of their lives.

Kate, alongside her panel of judges: Phoebe, Emily, and Michelle, announces the commencement of solo auditions. The rules of The Challenge are as follows: the dancers will perform solos after which 20 dancers will remain to perform learned choreography, after which the team will be picked. The solos commence with Eldon, who Emily watches fondly; followed by Hunter, who Michelle watches fondly despite herself. At the latter of his performance, Hunter performs the head hunter, as previously named by Michelle. James auditions next; followed by Riley; Charlie; Beth, who Riley hopes does not make the team; Sarah; Amanda, who Emily begrudgingly admits is dancing pretty well; Cass; Morgan; Jake, who Eldon comments is doing tricks that the rest of the boys can do; Thalia, who Daniel is fearful of for how well she is dancing and how similar her style is to his; Daniel; Noah, who Stephanie remarks is "so good" and "so cute"; Richelle, who impresses every individual in the room; West; Tiffany; Stephanie; Chloe; and Giselle. After the solo auditions, Michelle, Phoebe, Emily, and Kate leave to confer in Kate's office.

Kate, Phoebe, Emily, and Michelle return to Studio A with the results. The dancers who have qualified to the next round are: Michelle, Emily, Eldon, Hunter, Riley, James, Beth, Chloe, West, Giselle, Tiffany, Stephanie, Amanda, Jake, Cass, Morgan, Noah, Richelle, Daniel, and Thalia.

Chloe amanda

Chloe and Amanda wait for their names to be called.

The 20 dancers are meditating with Phoebe. Standing at the studio's far wall, Kate and Chloe realize that Stephanie is not present, although they hope she arrives soon or she will miss her chance to be on A-Troupe. Feeling that the meditation has gone on for too long, Kate hits the gong and ends the session. Phoebe proceeds to show the dancers the choreography, after snapping at a rowdy James and West, which proves to be surprisingly difficult. The dancers are dismissed to practice for thirty minutes and then return to perform, making many members nervous, as they have not gotten the routine down.


Production Errors

  • When Eldon is speaking in Talking Heads, his caption reads "Emily's Boyfriend" rather than "Emily's Ex-Boyfriend".

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to an Arcade Fire song of the same name.




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