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Region 7 is a Canadian region in which The Next Step Dance Studio and Elite Dance Academy, Gemini Dance Studio, and twenty-one other studios are located.


Region 7 is a portion of Canada. The name is not a colloquial term and is only used during Absolute Dance Regionals competitions in order to differentiate between the various competitions. For years, Elite Dance Academy was hailed as the best dance studio in Region 7, a title which is replaced by The Next Step Dance Studio upon their victory at the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition.[1]

Region 7 is presumably a large region; although both The Next Step and Elite are within the same region, they are very far a part from one another, as Emily comments that it takes three buses for Eldon to get to Elite.[2] It is also assumed that many of the dancers at The Next Step do not live near The Next Step Dance Studio, as most of them are driven to the studio, although this does not mean that they do not live inside of the region.


Cultural references

  • It is likely that Region 7 is within the Greater Toronto Area and, thus, that Region 7 is Toronto itself. This conclusion can be made due to the majority of scenes in the show being of Scarborough or Downtown Toronto, which are both a part of Toronto. Although, occasional scenes of Mississauga dispute this; Mississauga is a part of Peel Region and not Toronto, but it is nonetheless a part of the GTA. It is likely that the regions have nothing to do with the actual regions in the GTA at all, as there are seven regions in the GTA and there are at sixty-four regions on the show.


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