Every year, it gets harder to make it onto A-Troupe. If either of us want to make it on the team, we're gonna have to train non-stop.

Zara, about herself and Jacquie

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"Rehearsing for A-Troupe" is the 14th episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Zara and Jacquie rehearse for A-Troupe auditions."[1]


RAT jacquie acro

Jacquie dances.

In Studio A, Zara rehearses for A-Troupe auditions, as Jacquie watches. Zara confesses that she is on B-Troupe, but wants to be on A-Troupe. Jacquie begins dancing, confessing that Noah convinced her to come to the A-Troupe auditions and that she is glad that Zara is also rehearsing, so that she can scope out the competition. As Jacquie dances, Zara commends her performance but thinks she can match her, thinking that it would be fun if the two could dance together on A-Troupe. Jacquie confesses that Zara is a great girl and will be some tough competition. After Jacquie stops dancing, the two high-five and commend one another on their performances. They ask each other whether they are auditioning for A-Troupe, to which they reply that they are. Zara says that she is on B-Troupe, surprising Jacquie, since Zara is such a good dancer. Zara asserts that the A-Troupers are phenomenal and the two agree to get back to rehearsing.



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