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"Rewind: Halloween Edition (Music Video)" is a music video from Season 1 that was filmed during the course of Season 2. It aired on October 21, 2015.


Celebrate Halloween with a spooky dance-off! Aliens, skeletons, spirits - anything can happen at Halloween! Featuring the cast from Season 1.


A-Troupe, all except for James and Riley, is waiting in Studio A to attend a Halloween party. Simultaneously, James and Riley are browsing in Culture Shock. Suddenly, a U.F.O. enters the studio, causing the dancers to cower in fear, and James and Riley to race to the studio at the sound. From the spaceship emerges what appears to be an alien who claims that the dancers must help him to eradicate some form of evil, an assertion to which all of the dancers faint. Chuckling, the alien revives the dancers into skeletal-like beings and leads them in a dance to "Rewind: Halloween Edition". As they dance, James and Riley finally arrive and take part in what appears to be a dance battle. As the two dance against the others, the skeleton-like members begin to return to their normal state, although sparingly, with their forms flickering between real and fake. Eventually, though, they defeat the alien, banishing him to goodness only knows where in a beam of light. The dancers celebrate and, believing that they have vanquished the evil, happily leave for the Halloween party. However, unbeknownst to them, Riley and James appear to be the true beings of evil, as the video ends with the two staring into the camera, their eyes glowing red while spooky laughter fills the air...


  • Since this was filmed during Season 2, but aired during Season 1, there are some inconsistencies:
  • West is outside of the show's timeline; all of the other characters appear to mirror their characters on the show with West being the only one who doesn't.






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