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If The Next Step wins Nationals it means that we'll be known by everyone almost, I mean Nationals is the competition to win.


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"Rewind" (also called "What Dreamers Do (Part 2)" or simply "What Dreamers Do") is the 34th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 64th episode overall. It aired on January 2, 2015. It is the Season 2 finale.


The team awaits a verdict as to whether Emily can dance or whether the team has to forfeit.


Riley emily season 2 wdd2

Emily admits that the team needs Amanda.

Kate tells the team that they have to think about forfeiting, much to their chagrin. Sandra the dressing room with the dance captains of their former rival studio and asks about what the team will be doing. As Kate is about to forfeit, Amanda enters, claiming that she will be dancing with The Next Step. She reveals that she doesn't know why she wants to dance with them, but knows that she wants them to dance in the finals.

Amanda confesses that The Next Step has one alternate remaining: her. The captains of Life of Dance grow incredulous, as it is against the rules to dance on two teams. Amanda explains, however, that Kate sent in her name on the Nationals list, meaning she is eligible to dance with them and Elite. The Nationals manager goes (with Phoebe) to check if such an instance is allowed. Meanwhile, Kate decides that they should vote for whether Amanda should dance with them, as many of the dancers are still wary of her. Emily appears from A-Troupe's dressing room and says that there is no need to vote and that Amanda has to dance, and it is decided that Amanda will dance with the team. Chuck Anderson and Tré Armstrong announce what has happened with The Next Step, and what is to happen in the final round of the competition. Meanwhile, Sandra announces that Amanda is allowed to dance with The Next Step which Amanda hopes will earn their forgiveness. Tess and Lucien are in the audience, wondering where Amanda is, unknowing of the reality of what is taking place with her. Life of Dance goes on-stage to perform a routine with the premise being about models and stars being followed by the paparazzi. As to be expected, the routine is impeccable to the point that James comments that they are like robots, which worries The Next Step. After the standing ovation-worthy performance, The Next Step goes on-stage.

The Next Step is behind the curtain, preparing for their performance. Soon, all of the members of A-Troupe begin encouraging each other and exchanging "I love you"s, realizing that they really are a team. Moments later, the curtain rises, revealing a circus theme. The dance begins with a duet by Michelle and Eldon, rather than it being the focus like it was at Regionals. As they dance, Lucien notices that Amanda is dancing with them and, quite obviously, gets angry and throws his trilby hat to the floor in a fit of temper. The team pulls off an outstanding routine which grants them a standing ovation. Emily says that she understands Amanda, then, as she confesses that she knows the feeling of needing a second chance after messing up; Amanda simultaneously confesses that she considers the team her friends. Tré Armstrong admits that the competition is close, as both routines were their own type of amazing. The judges go on-stage to announce their verdict and it is revealed that The Next Step has won. The team celebrates; West kisses Emily and James and Riley kiss as well. The team basks in their glory and speaks of how excited that are for Internationals.

Riley james season 2 wdd 2

Riley and James discuss the eviction.

Kate, Giselle, and Chloe walk back into the studio and see a large yellow eviction notice pasted on the doors, reading that they have a week to leave. James is out driving with Riley, both upset about the eviction. Despite the bad news, James tells Riley that he knows Kate will figure something out.

Kate, James, Riley and West are all packing up the contents of Miss Kate's office, as well as the trophies from the display cabinet in the vestibule, when Lucien arrives. He tells Kate (for once, not speaking in his phony French accent) that he knows about their eviction notice and that since they have nowhere to dance, he proposes that Elite and The Next Step merge for Internationals.



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