Richelle....We've been through so much together. Since that very first star-lift we ever did in J-Troupe to right now. And I want you to know...that it's been the most amazing thing I could have ever asked for. You've taught me to stay strong, to never give up and most myself.

Noah, "No Shell"

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Steph season 3

Richelle is an acro and ballet[3] dancer on A-Troupe.[1]

Richelle is initially a thriving J-Trouper whose greatest aspiration is to be the dance captain of A-Troupe.[5]

Richelle eventually makes it onto A-Troupe, more determined than ever, but loses the captaincy to Skylar.[6][7]

Richelle is made dance captain of TNS East[8] but loses the position after joining the newly merged A-Troupe.[9]


Before the show

Richelle did gymnastics, but started dancing when one of her friends did.[10]

Richelle joined J-Troupe.

Season 2

Richelle auditions for A-Troupe and makes it past the first cut, but does not make it onto the troupe.[11]

Richelle is outraged when she learns that she and the other current J-Troupers must re-audition for the troupe. She tries to persuade Kate to give the current dancer guaranteed spots to no avail. Richelle auditions and remains on the troupe.[10]

Richelle is mentored by Emily, who advises her on how to be a successful future dance captain.[5]

Richelle places seventh in a trio competition with Becca and Josh.[12]

Season 3

Richelle is envious of Noah when Kate gives him a chance to audition for A-Troupe over her, but is rejected when she questions Kate.[13]

When Emily can no longer dance, Richelle is given her spot in the dance battles.[13] Despite an exceptional solo, she is outmatched by her opponent, Max, and does not make it onto A-Troupe.[14] Though, her commendable performance causes Kate to promote her to B-Troupe.[15]

Emily richelle season 3 2

Richelle thanks Emily for giving her the dance captain diary.

Richelle is given the dance captain diary by Emily, which she uses to gain as much knowledge as she can about holding the title.[16] When Giselle struggles with being dance captain, Richelle gives her the diary.[17]

Much to her chagrin, Richelle realizes that she has a crush on Noah. Richelle deems this problematic, since she believes that it will infringe upon her dancing and since Noah likes Abi.[18]

Richelle places first in a duet competition with Max. The victory prompts Phoebe's decision to have A-Troupers and B-Troupers perform duets with each other, for which Richelle is paired with Noah, much to her displeasure. Fortunately for her, having to spend time with Noah causes Richelle to realize that she no longer likes him.[19]

Upon A-Troupe's difficulty registering for Absolute Dance Internationals, Richelle is paired with Skylar to perform a duet to cleanse the studio. Richelle finds the idea ridiculous, but partakes in it nonetheless.[20]

Richelle is elated at A-Troupe's Internationals victory, which she watches online.[21]

Season 4

Richelle dances a solo and intimidates Amy and Cassie.

Richelle makes it onto A-Troupe.[6]

Richelle auditions for the Regionals qualifier with Michelle and Amanda. Her excellent performance causes her to replace Sloane in the winning trio.[22] At the competition, Richelle is irate when Noah fumbles during the routine, causing them not to qualify.[23]

Amanda richelle season 4 hcym 2

Richelle assures Amanda that Noah has always been a proud person.

Richelle is concerned for Noah when she discovers that he has to get back surgery, but assures him that he will get through it.[24] Richelle visits Noah in the hospital where she meets Amanda in the waiting room. After finding out Noah told Amanda to leave his room, Richelle she tells Amanda of how she did not want any of her friends to visit her in the hospital when she got her tonsils removed because she looked like a chipmunk, and claims that Noah is just a proud person.[25]

Richelle runs for the title of dance captain against Skylar and Amy. Although Richelle is determined to get the title, she loses out to Skylar. Despite losing, she is congratulatory of Skylar.[7]

Richelle offers Amanda and Amy to fill in for Michelle in the rehearsal of their trio for Regionals. When accused of being selfish by Michelle, Richelle assures Michelle that she is looking out for the studio way more than she is and tells her that she must give an equal amount of time to her solo and trio.[26]

Richelle is uncharacteristically nervous to perform the duet with Noah at Regionals but is given advice from Noah and is able to help the team qualify to the semi-finals.[27] She is disappointed when the team loses the competition.[28]

The Off Season: Season 1

Richelle watches an unboxing video of Kingston and is caught by LaTroy and Henry. Richelle becomes the new J-Troupe teacher and is confused by Ozzy's awkwardness around her.[29] Richelle purchases a new pair of pointe shoes.[30]

Season 5

Richelle makes it onto A-Troupe[31] and is made dance captain, much to her excitement.[32]She is immediately wary of Lola's subsequent kindness toward her, believing it to be a means of sucking up to her for a featured spot in one of the routines. Although, after seeing Lola stand up for her and refuse a proposed solo, Richelle is willing to give their friendship a chance.[33]

Richelle is paired with Noah to compete at a duet competition and believes their rehearsal to be going well. She is therefore irate when Emily tells her that Noah believes she is having trouble connecting with him, not only because he didn't tell her himself, but because she and he both know she has trouble connecting with people.[34]

Richelle is elated when she helps TNS East win the dance battle against TNS West[35] and becomes especially impressed by newcomer, Elliot, who is temporarily her teammate.[36] She is furious upon her team being disallowed from competing at Regionals[37] and eventually joins the newly merged A-Troupe upon which the opportunity to compete returns.[38] Although, much to Richelle's fear, the creation of a merged team means that there can only be one dance captain; her plan to entice her teammates with promises of victory backfires and she loses her captaincy to Noah. Richelle is devastated at losing her position.[9]

When given the opportunity to compete against Zara and Jacquie for the female solo in the group routine, Richelle sees this as an opportunity for redemption. Although, much to her anger and disbelief, Zara gets the spot over her.[39] Richelle holds a subsequent grudge against Zara, stealing her idea for the new qualifier video routine, and ultimately gloating when Zara's hip-hop solo is replaced by a pointe solo for herself. During this time, Richelle finds out that she has snapping hip syndrome, but only tells Lola and forces her not to tell anybody else.[40]

Richelle is infuriated to find the shank of her pointe shoe broken and erroneously deems the perpetrator to be Zara, believing to to be an act of revenge. However, she is all the more hurt to discover that it is Lola who broke the shank of her shoe and refuses to be her friend any longer.[41]

Richelle continues to hide her injury and, upon Daniel's advice, merely reinforces her pointe shoe with duct tape. She ultimately dances in the video and performs her solo, but at a price; Richelle ends up hospitalized.[41]

The Off Season: Season 2

Richelle comes to realize that Lola was right and that she should not have danced in the qualifier video. She is visited at the hospital by Emily and Michelle who bring her flowers.[42] She is lonely at the hospital and is happy when Elliot visits her; they spend hours talking and subsequently start dating.[43][44]

Season 6

Richelle returns to A-Troupe and is welcomed back by the team.[27] She feels responsible for Michelle and Emily being fired as co-studio heads and vows to get rid of Miss Angela as a result. She goes undercover as Lily's friend, ultimately becoming her assistant dance captain, at the expense of all of her other friends on A-Troupe, especially Noah, who calls her a traitor.[45] Despite her improved prospects as Lily's friend, even having the featured duet at Regionals, Richelle persists in her plan to get rid of Miss Angela and successfully does so, by exposing Miss Angela's plan to take over The Next Step as studio owner. Her friendships with A-Troupe are thus restored.[46] Richelle is elated when Michelle and Emily are hired once more as co-studio heads.[47]

However, Richelle is very disappointed and frustrated by her line placement in the Regionals group dance. She, along with Jacquie and Amy, "blow off steam" by complaining about Summer; Noah tells Emily and Michelle which gets them threatened with punishment by relegation to the back row. As a result, Richelle gets angry at Noah once more and is determined to improve and practise so that she can move to the front row. She and Jacquie have a dance battle that results in a good duet. She later initiates a plan with Jacquie to convince Summer to switch teams to the new all-acro team, AcroNation. However, although Summer goes to AcroNation and misses rehearsal, Richelle is still not given front and centre; she and Jacquie are severely reprimanded by Michelle and forced to apologize to Summer.[48]

Richelle is ecstatic for Elliot when he receives the lead role in a musical.[49] However, her joy quickly turns sour when Elliot tells her that he has to move to California to help another girl in the musical, and he consequently breaks up with Richelle.[50]


Richelle initially appears as a confident keener. Her greatest ambition is to become the dance captain of A-Troupe and she is willing to do just about everything to achieve this dream. Richelle can be close-minded and wary of change, shown in how angry she is when the members of J-Troupe have to re-audition for their spots.[10] Despite her apparent conceit and bossiness, she struggles with certain tasks, such as: getting people's attention[5] and bargaining.[10] Richelle is willing to listen to others' advice if it will benefit her, as she deeply respects her superiors, but she still struggles with criticism.[51]

Richelle displays a large amount of envy when she has a crush on Noah, as she continuously gets jealous when she sees him interact with Abi. Richelle views her temporary crush on Noah as a hindrance rather than a normal emotion, even deeming infatuation as the reason A-Troupe loses dancers.[52] She genuinely cares about Noah nonetheless, although selfishly; she has stated that she wants Noah to be happy, but not with Abi.[18] Otherwise, Richelle is very much a lone wolf and has trouble connecting to people.[34] Richelle can be prissy, dramatic and judgmental, exemplified with how disgusted she is at Noah's habits.[53]

Richelle's determination and conceit reach all-time highs in preparation for her A-Troupe audition. She goes out of her way to display her expertise and revels in the intimidation of her peers that results from her dancing. But, since Richelle is obsessed with perfection, she is able to commend others on their successful dancing. In fact, Richelle can be quite empathetic and rarely harbours genuine ill-content; her greatest flaw, perhaps, is her inability to make her words reflect her mind-set.

Physical appearances


Richelle has fair skin and green eyes. Richelle initially has straight, dirty blonde hair, which is dyed brown for a dance season. Afterward, her hair reverts to blonde, but is noticeably thicker and longer. Richelle is the shortest person on A-Troupe.[54]


While dancing, Richelle usually wears a sleeveless top and shorts. On occasion, Richelle wears leggings.

Richelle's street wear is quite feminine, as she is usually seen in a dress or skirt.



Emily has claimed that Richelle is a technically amazing dancer, even better than Noah in some cases.[34] Miss Angela has also deemed her as a very strong dancer, in particular allowing her to be Lily's duet partner for Regionals.[55]

  • Acro: Acro is Richelle's dominant style of which she is exceptionally proficient in. Her peers are consistently amazed by her skills at acro.
  • Ballet: Ballet is another of Richelle's dominant styles and she is constantly impressing both her peers and superiors in her skills at ballet.[3]
  • Contemporary: Richelle is very proficient in contemporary.
  • Hip-hop: Richelle is proficient at hip-hop. She is one of three dancers selected to vie for a hip-hop solo.[39] However shes is not even considered for the hip-hop routine for Regionals being the only member of the team who doesn't compete for a spot.
  • Jazz: Richelle is proficient in jazz. She performs a jazz solo to "Let's Go" which impresses Noah.[52] She also performs a jazz duet with Noah to "Bicicletta" that impresses the SNR Network hosts for Regionals.[27]



  • Fashion Design: Richelle is proficient in fashion design and sewing. She is able to remake her prom dress and is complimented on its appearance.[56]
  • Visual Art: There are conflicting accounts on Richelle's proficiency in drawing. Henry is unable to guess what she draws, but Jacquie is extremely proficient at depicting her drawings. It is possible that Henry is simply bad at guessing her drawings as opposed to Richelle being bad at it.[57]


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Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

The Off Season: Season 1

Season 5

The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6


Group dances


Group dances


Group dances

Group dances


  • Richelle loves unboxing videos.[58]
  • Richelle's locker in the locker room is number 15.[59]
  • The type of fish that Richelle relates to the most is the shark.[43]
  • If Richelle could only eat one meal, it would be sushi.[43]
  • Richelle's favourite subject is math.[60]


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