Don't worry, Richelle. Your secret's safe with me.


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"Richelle's Secret" is the 4th episode of The Off Season: Season 1.


"Richelle watches Kingston's unboxing videos."[1]


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LaTroy and Henry surprise Richelle.

Richelle sits in Neutral Grounds and watches a vloggers's unboxing video on her device. Richelle confesses that she is embarrassed that she loves unboxing videos, but is nonetheless excited to see what the vlogger opens. As Richelle is watching the video, LaTroy and Henry sneak up behind her and tap her on the back, causing Richelle to immediately remove her earphones and turn her device face down. Henry then asks Richelle what she is doing, even though he already knows. Richelle lies that she was watching dance videos. She then asks Henry if he needs something but Henry says that he just came to say "Hi" and leaves. He confesses that he didn't think that Richelle would be into unboxing videos, but that he is just going to let it slide. LaTroy slowly backs away to the exit and confesses that Richelle's secret is safe with him.




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